THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

Now that we are wrapping up The Dash Extortion Scheme for Linda Ellis we continue to wonder why someone who markets themselves as an Inspiring Christian Author would spend four years fighting a red tide she began forming back in 1996 when she stumbled upon The Dash and decided to copyright it for personal gain. We know she begged people to share it. Read it on radio shows and asked listeners to share it and we know the poem was shared in a few magazines inviting people to share it. People shared that stupid poem like crazy.  A short time after she copyrighted The Dash she began sending extortion letters to fans of the poem along. Her first and most lucrative targets were funeral homes and related businesses. She cleaned up for years. Then she got greedy and went after the rest of the world. At one time that stupid poem was on hundreds of websites and facebook pages. Again she cleaned up. Then she came after me and the rest of that history is recorded in hundreds of posts made by anti-copyright troll activists and the media.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

From her first nasty email to me and throughout the dozens of harassing incidents led by Ellis, henchman John Jolin, felon Mark Barberi and a handful of misguided followers, Ellis has tried to wreak havoc on hundreds of lives. I admit, she was successful for a short time but she's had far more failures than triumphs. The haters have come out of the shadows and she can no longer fool the majority with fraudulent letters and slander attempts.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

I am not one to buy and read self-help books so the very fact that I shared The Dash on my blog is mindblowing. I assumed because the author sent me the poem in an email it was okay to post it on my blog. Not only was I wrong, I had been duped like thousands of other bloggers over the past two decades. I didn't pay her and decided to expose the scheme. As I did my research I noticed a number of odd things about Ellis and The Dash. Ellis has a couple videos on Youtube of herself reading The Dash. If she wrote it and owned the words why would she need to read it? I practically know it by heart and I didn't write the damn thing. The fact that she can't memorize her own poem might mean she didn't write it. That notion lead me down a very interesting road to discovering who actually wrote The Dash. I beleive her grandmother may have, others believe she found it as author unknown in her grandmother's belongings and snapped it up for herself. I don't know what the answer is.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

Linda Ellis co-authored a book with Mac Anderson. Anderson writes little inspirational books and is an admired author. He's never spoken up on behalf of Ellis' and her trolling operation. Just the opposite. It appears as if he's dropped that title from his website. She's squandered the boost he gave her career by focusing solely on The Dash Extortion Scheme and silencing her victims. Why would someone who wants people to read and follow her advice live contrary to her writings? Then I found this article today. If you are a self-help junkie you need to know that authors may not have your interest in mind and may have never taken their own advice.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

What happened to Linda Ellis in 1996 is simple. She copyrighted a poem that is far more appealing than any poetry she has written before or since. She tried to create a lifestyle she calls "Living the Dash". Ellis seems unable to live a life of integrity and spirituality - something The Dash challenges us to seek. She is the antithesis of the notion and as a result of her words and deeds she is now a known and hated copyright troll.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

Will her brand survive? I doubt it. However good the timing was in 1996 for spreading The Dash it is not the same world in 2016. She's made too many wrong moves out of anger and retrobution. Those acts are public now and people are no longer afraid - at least to the degree they once were. The law is not on her side and the truth is out.

The Dash Is Dead


Linda Ellis Copyright - Former Attorney Runs for the Hills!

Linda Ellis has edited and reposted My Stalking Story for the umpteenth time as part of her campaign to paint herself as a victim of her victims. Weird I know but failure seems to be her only option these days. In this excerpt she sticks with the storyline that Getty Imgaes Attorney Timothy McCormack essentially saved her. The truth is Timothy McCormack assisted Ellis in altering evidence that was presented to the Georgia Supreme Court. The whole truth about Timothy McCormack can be found at 

Where is Timothy McCormack today? He's growing pot legally in Eastern Washington. We surmise he was publicly mortified after the Georgia Supreme Court hearing and the embarrassing loss. Not a peep out of the guy since he aligned himself with Linda Ellis the famous Poet Troll. Linda Ellis had hoped to publish a book with McCormack and got as far as the book cover. Timmy published his own book about copyright without her. Nobody seems to want to co-author a book with Ellis and the one author who did - Mac Anderson - has remained silent about Ellis's trolling operation. In fact, the book he coauthored with Linda does not appear in his search results. I guess those are a couple of key words he'd like to forget.

Excerpt from My Stalking Story by Linda Ellis - copyright troll.

"I Googled Timothy B. McCormack - Attorney at Law, as most of us do these days when we make a new acquaintance.  I discovered that Tim had been previously victimized by the same group my stalker had founded because he is an attorney for the largest royalty stock company in the world.  He defends the company’s rights when their stock images are misappropriated and distributed without authorization and applicable payment.  As mentioned, my stalker had founded this group based on harassing and intimidating those who seek monetary remuneration for use of their protected creative works.  Tim, by doing his job, had stepped directly into this path of evil-doers.

It was disheartening to read the malicious slander and foolish “memes” that were created about Tim and posted on-line by our mutual foes. The optimist in me searched in vain for reason in the nonsensical slurs they had hurled at this well-respected and educated gentleman.  I reached out to him, a total stranger, because we had something in common – harassment by the same group of individuals -- and I needed guidance.  Shock and elation were my reactions when he responded to my email and offered his help.  Instantly, I felt less alone in my predicament.  Looking back, if all that was received from Tim McCormack was that initial reply, I would have been grateful.  However, he and his associates helped more than anyone could have anticipated, legally and emotionally. Tim would prove to be not only a fellow victim and legal ally, but also a shining example for me to follow having already endured this wickedness with dignity and maturity.  He offered his help and we both knew then I would be turning to him again in the months to come.  At the time however, he was my only knowledgeable ally and he was 2,000 miles away, thus able to provide only long-distance support.

Timothy McCormack and Linda Ellis teamed up with the intention of silencing meand Matthew Chan. After fouryears of constant harassment both copyright trolls admittedly have lost the battle and the war.


Linda Ellis Copyright - Author, Speaker, Poet Begs for Money to Fund Copyright Extortion Scheme

I'm not making this stuff up. Linda Ellis is trying to raise money to help her with her copyright trolling operation. This has got to be a first for a copyright troll. She has plans to be the face of internet stalking and abuse. Someone should tell her she already is. This is the post from

Help The Dash Author Protect her Work

If you have enjoyed The Dash poem and/or Linda Ellis' other inspirations...if Linda Ellis' words have meant something in your life or the lives of your friends and family, please consider supporting her efforts to protect her legal rights to her work.  She cannot (alone) prevent the devaluation of her original inspirational work on the Internet or continue to sustain the damages created by misappropriation and unauthorized distribution of her work by the masses.

Your help would be appreciated more than you'll ever realize...LIVE YOUR DASH!


Linda Ellis Copyright - What We Know About The Dash Poet by April Brown Auctioneer

It’s not hard to imagine what it must be like to be Linda Ellis. She’s shared her paranoid fears and grandiose thoughts with us for four years now. We know her poetry and writings are fraught with worries and fears. We know she’s melodramatic. We know she craves attention. And we know she is a relentless and unscrupulous copyright troll evidenced when she spent Easter Sunday 2016 emailing extortion letters to preachers across the country. I’ve seen two letters and they are dated March 27, 2016 – Easter Sunday.

WE KNOW Linda Ellis’ copyright extortion income has been gradually disappearing since I began exposing the scheme way back in January 2012.  We know more than three hundred targets have avoided getting screwed out of their hard earned cash, insurance settlements, charitable donations and household income. We know that for Linda Ellis, extortion is no longer ‘business as usual’.

WE KNOW Linda Ellis converts Facebook fans into victims by encouraging sharing of her copyrighted poetry. We know when The Dash poem is been shared on-line, in print or any other medium Ellis and her Copyright Representative, John W. Jolin, send threatening emails – as many as nine over the course of 6-9 months.

WE KNOW Linda Ellis demands between $7500 US to $150,000 for copyright damages. We know she now refers to the extortion demand as a “retro licensing fee”.  We know The Dash Extortion Letters are accusatory, threatening and frightening and they are effective and fraudulent.

WE KNOW that according to Linda Ellis’ own words, that between 1998 and 2012 she successfully extorted hundreds of thousands of dollars from 99.9% of her targets. We know they paid her were coerced in to "infringement fees" of US350 and US10K. We know that in 2016, that percentage flipped. She now collects only about  1% of the time. We know hundreds if not thousands of targets were saved from further victimization. We know Christians are her most profitable targets.

If Linda Ellis truly is a Christian we know the very core of her spiritual being has crumbled. 

WE KNOW she said this: "Linda shares her message of joy, hope, and positive energy through poetry...". She claims God is directing her life. Like everyone else, I've got some questions for Linda Ellis. You have to wonder did God ask her to switch from Inspiring Poet to the author of fear, loathing and hypocrisy?  

If God is her inspiration, what part of her behavior and troll abuse is God sanctioning? Does God inspire Ellis to call religious leaders liars and criminals for using The Dash in a sermon?  Is she awakened in the middle of the night to God’s voice telling her to demand $7500 from a school district because a teacher and a Facebook fan asked her students to write an essay about the meaning of The Dash? Did God tell her to demand a settlement from a young grieving mother as punishment for using The Dash in her child’s funeral program? Did the Holy Spirit guide Linda Ellis to demand money from people of all ages and every station in life? Does her Lord and Savior ask her to execute the unconscionable? Does the God Linda Ellis worships implore her to kick people when they are in a most unbearable emotional condition? Does she get on her knees and ask God to guide her as she defrauds insurance companies, bankrupt PTAs and congregations, and steal from charities?  Does her God give her the words for slander, defamation and ask her to terrorize good people?

Another thing WE KNOW for sure is Linda Ellis has never sued anyone for sharing that stupid poem and nobody is legally bound to pay this hack a dime. So don't do it. 




Linda Ellis Copyright - Author, Speaker, Poet Launches Memorial Day Smear Campaign

The carnival's is in town. Linda Ellis crawled out from under the troll bridge to launch her latest Google Adwords campaign. Search April Brown Auctioneer and see for yourself. Click through and read the rehash of the campaign she used to intimidate me to not publish Poetic Justice. I published the book and based on the sales, few people care about Linda Ellis and copyright trolling...until it happens to them. I hoped that the public and media would catch on without my having to promote the injustice, but that has not happened. But one thing I can always count on is that Linda Ellis always gives me something to expose and write about.
Today she posted this:
Linda Ellis - Author - The Dash Authorities don't care -- even when she posted a video of a hearse song with the words: "you will be the next to die" along with her words "we are coming to get you Linda Ellis." Has to be specific threats I'm told. But she scares me. If anything happens to me, at least authorities will know who to investigate! The Internet brings forth some unstable, scary individuals!

The first thing you have to notice is that she does not post the actual video of The Hearse Song or the words she claims I wrote. If you followed the Matthew Chan appeal you will remember Ellis's used The Hearse Song in her claim of stalking and harassment against Matthew Chan. She won in the lower court and the decision was overturned on appeal by the Supreme Court. This is a nearly identical post she made after the Georgia Supreme Court hearing when she was exposed for lying, manufacturing evidence, and lying about the video she mentioned above. If you dare watch the entire Georgia Supreme Court hearing you will notice the judges laughing when Ellis claimed that The Hearse Song by Harley Poe was a death threat. The Hearse song is the theme song of this Beware Don't Share because ETHE DASH IS A FUNERAL POEM. And because she demands $7500 from the sick and dying and the dead's relatives when they use The Dash in a funeral program.
Don't forget to click on Google Adword campaign. 
If I am stalking Linda Ellis as she claims and if she is scared, why does she post on FB and send me the links to her posts? Why does she buy "April Brown Auctioneer" and run Google AdWords campaigns claiming she's ready to "fight fire with fire". If she genuinely wants to fight back then she needs to do what I do-
tell the truth and post the evidence.