Got a letter from John W. Jolin? Here's what you need to do.

1. Nothing - do not respond.

2. Already tried to reason with this jerk? Don't respond again.

3. Do you answer to a higher power? Like a Board or attorney? Ask your attorney to call me and I will walk them through the lies in the extortion letter. If that isn't good enough I will connect you with other attorneys who have taken my advice and are not paying Linda Ellis one dime. They are ignoring her too.

4. Educate yourself and stop being afraid and intimidated by John Jolin, Linda Ellis and the Dash Extortion Letter scheme. Sharing the poem on a blog is considered Fair Use and Innocent Infringement. So is putting it in a newsletter and a funeral program.

5. If anyone says these words, "it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to fight her in court", they are either idiots or too lazy to educate themselves or both.

Linda Ellis has NEVER sued anyone or even filed a case against anyone who shared The Dash. NEVER. She's never filed a case against me and I am the loudest voice in the Beware Don't Share movement. Why would she sue you?



LInda Ellis - Restraining Order Abuse

The plaintiff alleged in her restraining order petition that posts of Mr. Chan’s and comments by visitors to his site, which criticized her as a “copyright troll,” caused her to fear for her life. She sought to have Mr. Chan’s site removed entirely.

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Linda Ellis Wall and Desk Plaques - 24.99 Mistakes Included

Inspirational Plaque with Original Linda Ellis Quote: "LIFE Live it. Feel it. Breathe it. See it. Love it. Wear it. Want it. Be it. " Made in USA and comes ready to hang at 8.25" x 8" Printed on professional photographic paper and is complete. $24.99

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Please don't be stupid. Ignore John W. Jolin's threatening letters and emails. He is not an attorney. His extortion letter and subsequent emails are filled with lies. So get this through your perty little heads. Linda Ellis has never sued anyone for posting a poem in a blog, newspaper, newsletter, church bulletin or program of any kind. Therefore she has NEVER WON A CASE. Duhhhhh. So snap out of it and stop trying to negotiate with the good Christian author. She earns a living from this scam. She doesn't earn a living from selling The Dash. People share The DAsh for free because that's what it's worth. 246 free words.

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Chan v. Ellis: Appeal Transferred to GA Supreme Court

Chan’s  reaction  to  the  legal  twist,  "I am gratified that the Court of Appeals agreed with us that the issues raised in my appeal needed to be reviewed by the Georgia Supreme Court. The scope and potential impact of the outcome of this case goes far beyond me and the ELI website. It goes to all website owners and forum administrators in Georgia and possibly outside the state."

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