Shocked? I'm Not. Linda Ellis and Joel Albrizio - Not So Strange Bedfellows

There is nothing more fun than reading lies when you know the truth.

Just when you think Linda Ellis couldn’t find a deeper mud hole to wallow in she invents one. On December 22, 2016 Linda Ellis posted on another slander website, this time targeting Robert Krausankas, author of Copyright-trolls.com.  Robert is an anti-copyright troll activist and modern satirist who exposes the dealings of copyright trolls with his stinging word spankings.  He reports on the terrifying stories of people being extorted by copyright trolls and reports on troll cases and behavior. Robert is one of the original Extortion Letter Info team members who will go head-to-head with the attorneys behind the Getty Images and other copyright trolling operation while providing advice for targets. Just last week extortion Matthew Chan, The founder of www.extortionletterinfo.com shut down a Getty Attorney in Paris simply by reporting on his blog.  Getty retracted and their lawyer wrote two apologies to Matthew. Anti-troll blogs are the force to ending copyright troll abuse.

Linda Ellis seems to have united with another troll, Joel Albrizio and is now targeting Robert with a shaming and slander website called Voices of Jupiter Florida supposedly hosted by "concerned parent" Jessica Langston. You might remember that Linda Ellis started– www.justfreespeach.com and www.lindaslogic.com in retaliation after I published my book “Poetic Justice” The True Story Behind The Dash and One Victim’s Mission to End Copyright Bullying and Extortion. My book is basically a diary of victim letters and stories that chronicle the idiotic tricks she’s pulled over the past five years. I also explain how to avoid copyright trolls and if you can't how to get rid of them. Together, these dolts are masquerading as concerned parents hell-bent on protecting all of Jupiter Florida from artist and resident, Robert Krausankas. Their cover story is pretty confusing. They’ve grabbed a bunch of memes from www.copyright-trolls.com that Robert used in blog posts to mock Ellis way back in the day but they are using them to falsely illustrate very different points about Robert. The posts are pious and try to make some point about Robert’s supposed sexual proclivities. Ellis made similar claims about me.

Joel Albrizio, is a copyright troll who found himself in sludge over photos he offered for sale through Getty. Albrizio ended his agreement with iStock (owned by Getty) and then refused to honor those licenses when he walked away.  He sends extortion letters accusing those former customers of copyright infringement. Sound familiar?  As you can imagine people are reporting on Joel Albrizio’s bad manners which makes Mr. Albrizio a perfect bedfellow for Ellis. Although he might fall short of qualifying for jail or an episode of “American Greed”, he has Ellis' propensity for drama and identity fraud.  Joel AKA Jessica is pretending to be a mother of unknown number of children and Linda’s imaginary girlfriend who just happens to live in Jupiter, Florida where Robert Krausankas lives.  Like Jupiter has been waiting for “A group of organized parents against pornography” and  “this Blog Is About A Better Jupiter, FL” because out of the blue Jessica Langston cares about your kid? Right. If you believe that then I have a non-kinking garden hose to sell you.

Takes me back to when Linda Ellis ripped off a video from my YouTube channel of me performing comedy in 1985. She created Just Free Spech and posted the foolishness in the photo below and stupidly posted on Linda Ellis Dot Net that she contacted my clients with the following message:

  In a video on YouTube, April Brown’s words could be considered offensive and distasteful to most and also sexually explicit…all spoken while wearing a necklace of tampons over a mock military uniform.  Even if she had asked, which she never did, Ms. Ellis would not want her inspirational works associated with this person.” This is classic Linda Ellis and now classic Joel Albrizio.

Jessica-Joel apparently has the same twisted little head that Ellis has and it appears about as much of a real fan base. The Voices of Jupiter Florida could meet in a phone booth if phone booths existed. VOJF is just a duet of dopes driven by self-hatred and shame and we can’t forget greed which might be the key to both of their business brands failures. Both seem unprepared for the reaping of the sowing and don’t understand why good does not flow back to them. If Jessica-Joel wants to emulate Ellis, he-she should first ask Linda how all this crap she stirred up has worked for her.

So let me help wise up this misguided dude in a dress. If Jessica-Joel were the smart CEO he purports to be, she-he’d hike up that skirt and run damn fast in the other direction before the Dash stink rubs off and erodes what is left of his-her food photo business. The few business professionals that at one time considered Linda Ellis a friend, like artists Robin and Eddy, excised her forever. Ask them why. And Ellis’ former Agents of Doom aka Copyright Representatives has fallen to some pretty bad times. Getty Images attorney Timothy McCormack comes to mind. She begged him to help her win before the Georgia Supreme Court. His payback for that loss was humiliation in front of his peers and colleagues. Ask Linda  about Marietta attorney, Betsy McBride. Ellis betrayed her own attorney by providing cropped documents and photos and allowing those documents to be sworn into evidence into the lower court and them ending up in front of seven Supreme Court Justices. Her attorney’s loss was mortifying.  And probably the biggest fool of the bunch, John Jolin, who was and Ellis says still is, behind some of Ellis’ dirtier deeds. His investment in the Dash Extortion Scheme landed him in financial doo-doo. Can you say the word bankruptcy? 

Like Linda Ellis, people are seriously mad at Joel Albrizio and they are talking - or should I say screaming about what this guy does.  You can read all about Dumb and Dumber on about a dozen anti-troll blogs. If Albrizio thinks he can shut people up with threats and shaming tactics or erase the goodness of their lives, forget about it. We all have witnesses whether we like it or not.   

Ellis and Albrizio - We know who you are and we saw what you did...and we are telling. 


















Copyright Trolls - A sucker is born every minute. P.T. Barnum

The Dash - The Most Financially Damaging Piece of Literature Ever Written

How could an ordinary poem – just 242 words - bankrupt a business, end a man’s career, close a charity’s doors, cause religious leaders to tremble and entrepreneurs to change their identity, shame a man to quit his job, empty church coffers, end programs and services for the needy, penalize a school district over a lesson plan, and emotionally and financially ruin a grieving family and increase insurance premiums for institutions, hospitals, charities and funeral homes? That’s what I still want to know, nearly five years after getting my first email from a copyright troll.

I had no idea that by opening an email in 2011 that I would still be entrenched in a seedy copyright trolling story or that I would be instrumental in helping hundreds of targets avoid paying off a copyright troll. My story makes little sense to a reasonable person but this is it in a nutshell. I got an email promoting a poem. I shared the poem on a blog.  The author accused me of copyright infringement. She claimed I damaged her to the reputation and income in the amount of $3500. She demanded I pay her or she would be forced to sue me in Federal court for the maximum penalty of $150,000 and the Feds could give me jail time. She said she had won before and she would win the case against me. I thought it was a scam so I ignored the email. I got a second email from a person claiming to be a copyright representative. This email was more threatening. I wrote back and told him I wouldn’t pay. I got another letter from him and another from an attorney and decided then to post my story on line angering the author. We argued by email for a few days and I made all of that conversation public. I joined a forum called Extortion Letter Info and read through thousands of posts from people who are accused of copyright infringement and threatened with financial ruin.  This is the seedy world of copyright trolls.

The Dash - The Most Financially Damaging Piece of Literature Ever Written

Before the Nigerian banking scam, before Bernie Madoff and before Lehman Brothers, the business of copyright trolling was growing as fast as internet porn. The anti-copyright troll movement guestimates that thousands upon thousands of letters are emailed daily to possible victims, demanding sums from $350 to $150,000 for the sharing of photos, videos and yes, poetry. The ruse my troll used to snare me was an email entrapment campaign and had been effective for her for a very long time. The email she sent me was friendly and included the poem and a link to her website and new book. In step with promoting women to women business, I shared both the poem and links in a blog post. Sharing content was a common practice among women entrepreneurs and appreciated. That act of sharing meant that I had fallen for a growing internet scheme, copyright trolling. These letters are sent by attorneys, content creators and copyright holders. Letters are even sent by trolls who claim to own copyrights they don’t own and by content creators who sold their content to a company that no longer represents their copyrighted content. And there are trolls who pretend to be another troll. In every case the troll threatens to provoke a frightened reaction from a target via email and continues to send emails and pile on more threats until the troll collects or moves on in search of an easier target. My troll has never sued anyone for sharing content and tires and goes away after eight to a dozen emails. Copyright infringement claims expire within a three  years of discovery. There is also a rule that applies to emailed content. My troll delivered the email to me from her email address in an email that included The Dash poem. That email is not protected under copyright.

To have a copy is not to have the copyright. All the E-mail you write is copyrighted. However, E-mail is not, unless previously agreed, secret. So you can certainly report on what E-mail you are sent, and reveal what it says. You can even quote parts of it to demonstrate. Frankly, somebody who sues over an ordinary message would almost surely get no damages, because the message has no commercial value, but if you want to stay strictly in the law, you should ask first. On the other hand, don't go nuts if somebody posts E-mail you sent them. If it was an ordinary non-secret personal letter of minimal commercial value with no copyright notice (like 99.9% of all E-mail), you probably won't get any damages if you sue them.

Excerpt from 10 Big Myths about copyright explained by Brad Templeton. Even Templeton agrees that the copyright law has holes in it. “…copyright isn’t an iron-clad lock on what can be published.”  Trolls have stuffed themselves into those holes and authorities are clueless as to the harm they cause. 

My troll bills herself as an inspirational author and markets her poetry to the religious, the biggest users of her poetry. Jews share The Dash. Christians share The Dash. The spiritual share The Dash. The poem is shared in newsletters, blogs, and in sermons. Whether she wrote the poem or not, it made the rounds for a number of years without attribution primarily because of the way news travels through a congregation and religious community and via crowded events and gatherings. The horse named “author unknown” was a long way from the barn by the time she took ownership of the poem having already been shared by thousands. She saw opportunity from all that sharing but none came. Which leaves me to reason she did not deliberately wait until 1996 to copyright it but likely discovered how easy it was to collect infringement settlements vs. selling books of poetry. By then there was plenty of easy targets. By the year 2000 hundreds of victims quietly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements silenced by confidentiality agreements. Those numbers continued to rise for two decades.

The Dash - The Most Financially Damaging Piece of Literature Ever Written

It is impossible to know what the rules are. When fans become targets they often assume that the troll will reason with them once they remove the content. Instead they are showered with as many as a dozen threatening emails demanding payment. My troll still markets her poetry to women and women business owners and anyone seeking inspiring content to share with others. They enthusiastically share the poem’s message even tattooing the stanzas on their skin. Some burn the words into wood and some put the words to music. Some pay licensing fees and some don’t. Some getting harassed and others don’t. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to who she targets. One person who uses the poem in a funeral program is victimized and another family having infringed in the same manner does not. A celebrity reads the dash on camera and is left alone but school districts are threatened with copyright lawsuit when students at schools across the country do the very same thing.

I was successfully lured by my trolls marketing campaign. I am the perfect profile. I’m a small business owner and I am the founder and director of a cat rescue. I unwittingly shared content thinking I was doing a good thing. I doubt there is a lawyer, politician or judge who has not inadvertently shared content and as a result of that sharing their life may have gained a benefit and maybe even financial profit. Senator Bob Dole shared The Dash on television without permission. If sharing The Dash is against the copyright law, why isn’t the Senator in jail and paying my troll hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages? The answer is sharing is a positive act that often has positive consequences for all parties even a copyright troll. My troll uses Dole’s version to sell books and snare possible targets. Who gained more from the sharing of The Dash? Bob Dole or my troll?  

My blog represents something very different to a troll. A troll considers a blog, any blog, as income producing just by existing. However trivial my blog is to my career pursuits, it is proof to a troll that their content can be attributed to my overall success. In other words, any income I earn as a result of having a business website and any pleasure I might receive from a personal blog can be valued arbitrarily by a troll. A troll claims damages even if a trail from that content to my success or my computer can’t be mapped. Profits and damages are whatever a troll says they are.

More targets need to tell their stories and we need the ear of the national media. Lawyers dominate the articles and do more to foster fear by adding more self-serving quotes, like the recent article in the Miami Herald about another copyright trolling operation.  “These claims have so much emotion attached to them. People feel like, ‘I didn’t intend to do this,’” said Joel Rothman, a South Florida intellectual property lawyer. “And people don’t understand the law doesn’t require any intent, so they jump to the conclusion that they’re being wrongfully accused.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article123838369.html#storylink=cpy

The intent of the copyright law is to protect content creators not abuse a citizenry who are taught from birth to share and share alike. Most people who share content are innocent infringers and are using content under the Fair Use doctrine. They are not plagiarizing, selling, stealing, or profiting in real dollars by sharing a poem or photo. They aren’t fake news sites intent on driving traffic or publicizing their products and services. Most people are truly inspired by other people’s content and they share for no other reason than they like what they watch, hear and read.

Copyright trolls are here to stay. My troll may not be collecting as much money as she used too but she knows what P.T. Barnum knew. “A sucker is born every minute.” She now demands $15,000 per infringement. She might not sucker you but she will sucker someone and its time the media and politicians wise up and protect us.



The Day the Letter Came - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet

The day the letter came - A True Story 

Her child died. She felt as if she were choking, unable to bear the emptiness or breathe her way through today let alone the rest of her life. How could she live with out her only child and how could she ever go back to the life she once had.  Now that she is longer a mother she will never care about anything or anyone again. She wanted bury herself and her grief in the coffin with little Shannon. She wanted life to be over. 

On the day she received the letter she had finally left the house to run the simplest of errands. She would drive to the post office, pick up her mail, grab a Starbuck’s and sit by the lake and watch the people walk and run by. She was invisible to them and she liked it just fine. She was sick of talking about “how she was doing” and she was sick of explaining how it happened. “She’s dead” she thought, does anything else really matter? Relieved to be the next person in line she asked for her mail and left quickly. No one seemed to notice the zombie right in front of them. Maybe she is dead - a tortured spirit haunting the earth until she can be reunited with her spirit child. Then she felt the paper in her hands, the cold steel and tile on the counter, the thunk of the car door and the rattling of the keys as she turned the ignition and the heat on her legs. She drove home, read through the mail while simultaneously checking her email. She opened up an email from Linda Ellis and read the words accusing her of copyright infringement and theft. She would not make it to the park that day or any other day. That day would be one of the worst days of her life.



Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet - Attempt to Rehab Copyright Troll Image

Author Linda Ellis Devotes Herself to Writing and Sharing an Optimistic Message Through Linda’s Lyrics LLC While Enjoying Family and Ordinary Pleasures

Marietta, United States, September 28,2016/Free-Press-Release.com/ -- Linda Ellis has justifiable pride and passion for her firm Linda’s Lyrics LLC, a company formed to bring her message of hope and optimism to millions, particularly as it is expressed in her hugely popular poem The Dash. Ellis’ entrepreneurial effort has thus far helped to promote products inscribed with the inspirational messages of her writings. Linda’s Lyrics has also helped Ellis move forward with her publishing career, having overseen her first trade publication, Live Your Dash-Make Every Moment Matter, and in 2015 Ellis established a wholesale division for her company.

Linda Ellis lives today in Georgia as a wife, mother and writer and, most recently, continuing her career as entrepreneur of her own company, Linda’s Lyrics LLC. Ellis’ life has changed significantly since her days in corporate America, and these changes are largely due to the enormous success of her psychologically insightful poem The Dash, which achieved worldwide notoriety in 1996 and whose fame continues to grow.

Despite her continued inspirational writing and speaking, in addition to her production and promotion of products which are associated with the uplifting words and values of The Dash, Ellis takes time to nurture her soul and spirit through ordinary daily activities. Despite having sold more than 500,000 books to date, as well as being a member of the Premier Speakers Bureau, or perhaps even because of these credentials, Ellis is able to enjoy her family time.

Dog rescue has become a love close to her heart, and she works with local dog and pet rescue organizations. Ellis is an avid reader, and loves the inspiration and motivation of music in her life. Ellis crochets and gardens and takes walks on the beach when not working with nursing homes and hospices as well as children’s hospitals.

In the 20 years since the successful recognition of her poem The Dash, Linda Ellis’ life has evolved from one in corporate America working amid the hustle of New York City to an existence of writing, traveling and speaking from her home base in Marietta, Georgia. This change has enabled Ellis to indulge her writing insights as they strike, and to share them with others through inspirational and motivational speaking engagements.

For More Information Visit Here - https://www.getpoeticjustice.com

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

Now that we are wrapping up The Dash Extortion Scheme for Linda Ellis we continue to wonder why someone who markets themselves as an Inspiring Christian Author would spend four years fighting a red tide she began forming back in 1996 when she stumbled upon The Dash and decided to copyright it for personal gain. We know she begged people to share it. Read it on radio shows and asked listeners to share it and we know the poem was shared in a few magazines inviting people to share it. People shared that stupid poem like crazy.  A short time after she copyrighted The Dash she began sending extortion letters to fans of the poem along. Her first and most lucrative targets were funeral homes and related businesses. She cleaned up for years. Then she got greedy and went after the rest of the world. At one time that stupid poem was on hundreds of websites and facebook pages. Again she cleaned up. Then she came after me and the rest of that history is recorded in hundreds of posts made by anti-copyright troll activists and the media.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

From her first nasty email to me and throughout the dozens of harassing incidents led by Ellis, henchman John Jolin, felon Mark Barberi and a handful of misguided followers, Ellis has tried to wreak havoc on hundreds of lives. I admit, she was successful for a short time but she's had far more failures than triumphs. The haters have come out of the shadows and she can no longer fool the majority with fraudulent letters and slander attempts.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

I am not one to buy and read self-help books so the very fact that I shared The Dash on my blog is mindblowing. I assumed because the author sent me the poem in an email it was okay to post it on my blog. Not only was I wrong, I had been duped like thousands of other bloggers over the past two decades. I didn't pay her and decided to expose the scheme. As I did my research I noticed a number of odd things about Ellis and The Dash. Ellis has a couple videos on Youtube of herself reading The Dash. If she wrote it and owned the words why would she need to read it? I practically know it by heart and I didn't write the damn thing. The fact that she can't memorize her own poem might mean she didn't write it. That notion lead me down a very interesting road to discovering who actually wrote The Dash. I beleive her grandmother may have, others believe she found it as author unknown in her grandmother's belongings and snapped it up for herself. I don't know what the answer is.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

Linda Ellis co-authored a book with Mac Anderson. Anderson writes little inspirational books and is an admired author. He's never spoken up on behalf of Ellis' and her trolling operation. Just the opposite. It appears as if he's dropped that title from his website. She's squandered the boost he gave her career by focusing solely on The Dash Extortion Scheme and silencing her victims. Why would someone who wants people to read and follow her advice live contrary to her writings? Then I found this article today. If you are a self-help junkie you need to know that authors may not have your interest in mind and may have never taken their own advice.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

What happened to Linda Ellis in 1996 is simple. She copyrighted a poem that is far more appealing than any poetry she has written before or since. She tried to create a lifestyle she calls "Living the Dash". Ellis seems unable to live a life of integrity and spirituality - something The Dash challenges us to seek. She is the antithesis of the notion and as a result of her words and deeds she is now a known and hated copyright troll.

THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

Will her brand survive? I doubt it. However good the timing was in 1996 for spreading The Dash it is not the same world in 2016. She's made too many wrong moves out of anger and retrobution. Those acts are public now and people are no longer afraid - at least to the degree they once were. The law is not on her side and the truth is out.

The Dash Is Dead