Linda Ellis, Author of The Dash, Her Weakness is Lying

The Weakness of Women

Before I get started, let me say this, the women in my life are not weak. I can rattle off one woman after another that I admire for their many strengths and it’s their influence over me that flushes out my own strength and determination. My inner circle, clients and volunteers are strong and powerful women. So this is not about those women. And I’m not talking about the women who are weakened by childhood abuse and environment and culture that create their weakness and submission. I’m talking about women who portray a certain kind of weakness by choice - feminine weakness - that harms not only themselves but those around them.

I tend to side with women. It seems that the choices I’ve made have put me in a position to hear their stories of abuse, neglect, crippling diseases, mental disorders, and drug and alcohol abuse that gets women tangled up in the legal system and have hard lives. I understand why women are weakened and I understand why many never overcome. Those women are a burden and cost society time and money. They never quite get to be the women they were meant to be and each day for them and those around them is tough and sucks. Most probably never become strong enough to deal.

Circling back to Linda Ellis. When I got my first extortion letter from Linda Ellis, I laughed. I thought for sure it was a scam. The letters kept coming each more threatening than the last. At no time did I ever feel afraid. I always thought that I had been snared in a scam. Eventually though, I did feel afraid and weak. When she unleashed a registered sex offender to taunt me and then began interacting with my neighbors with their shady and criminal history, I was truly afraid. I mean the woman had managed to get within 60 feet of my house! I took all the precautions I could. I told the delivery drivers and the rest of my neighbors to watch my house an installed security cameras everywhere. I could have my own very boring reality show with the click of the mouse. After I was accused of stalking and harassment (the case was dismissed) and met my accusers face to face in a courtroom, the fear evaporated. I clearly saw my accusers fear. The were afraid to the core. Of what I’m not sure, but Linda Ellis had connected to some rage inside them that worked for her scheming.

I think liars live in a constant state of being caught lying don’t you?

I also met Linda Ellis, John Jolin, and her attorneys, Timothy McCormack and Betsy McBride face to face in the rotunda of the Georgia Supreme Court. I felt their fear. It was palpable. As I watched both sides present, it was obvious that neither of her attorney’s had prepared a persuasive presentation. They knew they were presenting altered exhibits and out of context evidence. Our side presented the facts as they occurred without manipulation. You might already know this, but the judges had read all the exhibits months before the sides presented. So the Justices were prepared and had already compared both sides before the argument. They too knew the exhibits had been altered before either side opened their mouth. I left knowing the ruling would be overturned. Linda’s team left knowing they blew it. I could just tell from their body language. They got caught.

So this is the weakness I’m talking about. Women who lie thinking they will never get caught and then when they do they keep lying. Linda Ellis lies when there are stacks of evidence to the contrary. She has a website called Linda Logic for posting more BS about me. She needs to preserve her image as a Christian author and her image of a poor little suffering Southern housewife who is being attacked by that mean Seattle auctioneer. Her entire act nauseates me. It’s women like this that have charged innocent men and women with crimes and who cause immeasurable suffering. And it’s this kind of weakness that ruins families and clogs the legal system. Because of what I've learned about Linda Ellis, I am going to volunteer for the "Innocence Project" and be of help to those wrongfully accused and languishing on death row.

Now that she has lost the battle with Matthew Chan, I’m back in first position as her “Cyber Stalker” - her words not mine. I will continue to report, write and defend the people she targets. One day The Dash Extortion Scheme will end.


Linda Ellis wants to Shut Down The Truth Behind The Dash Facebook Page

Linda Ellis and her band of dolts wants FB to shut down this page https://www.facebook.com/getpoeticjustice. Here we go again. How many times is she going to report me to Google, Facebook, Squarespace, Comcast, GoDaddy, Youtube, Vimeo and Pinterest? What am I doing that's so wrong?

Is my reporting on Linda's bad behavior equal to her committing the act of harming others? We know I don't spending every waking minute trying to get innocent infringers to pay me $7500 for a poem that apparently is unsalable through regular commerce channels. The Dash is nothing more than bait for hooking and extorting good people who share the tripe. What is a can of good worms worth these days anyway? Not $7500.

Ask yourself, if she is legit, why is she so afraid of the truth? Why not prove me wrong. Why not post all this damning evidence you have about me. I would love love love to respond to your newest foolishness.

In any case, we have 3 guesses as to why she's shaking in her boots. 1) more victims will speak out 2) she's receiving fewer payoffs from 3 years of exposure 3) and the real author of the Dash will come forward. If any or all are true, the end of The Dash Extortion scheme draws near.


Why Matthew Chan of Extortion Letter Info Got Mad at Linda Ellis, author of The Dash

In an effort to shed some light on why Matthew Chan became so irritated with Linda Ellis and why he took a hard line stance against her and the Dash extortion scheme. This post was written on the Extortion Letter Info forum home page on January 17, 2013. Linda had been lurking on ELI using aliases. She had been posting in her own defense and the ELI members essentially figured out that she was behind the posts and began mocking her. She thought she could come on the forum and garner sympathy. She even contacted Matthew to tell her side of the story. The interview only revealed how far she has strayed down the copyright troll road. Her revenge was to shut down the ELI forum. Well, that didn't shut us up either. Next came the charge that Matthew Chan was stalking and harassing her, then a hearing and the order was granted, then overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court.


"This report and commentary is long overdue but it couldn’t be helped due to the sensitivity of the communication and work being done the last few days. We simply could not openly report all the details we are now going to share.

On Thursday, July 17, 2013, I received a surprising “Abuse” email notification from my web hosting provider. I immediately distributed this email internally to the ELI Defense Team.

Dear Matthew,

We have received a number of third party content complaints regarding material hosted on your account. We have no problem with the premise of your forum and with you posting factual information about a complainant.

After reviewing your forum it appears that you and some of your members have crossed the line of our Hosting Agreement, with respect to Stalking and Harassment. Specifically posting pictures of individuals homes, their address, and thinly veiled threats is not acceptable and cannot remain on the service. The content in violation of our acceptable use policy needs to be removed immediately. In addition, your members should be instructed that posting of this kind of content is not acceptable.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in quickly resolving this matter.


eApps Hosting


When I got this email, I immediately suspected that the complaints came from the Linda Ellis camp but without further information, I was uncertain as to who might have issued a complaint to my web hosting provider. I exercised careful restraint in what I would publicly say.

My reply to the web hosting provider was the following." (rest of the story)


Georgia Supreme Court Overturns Lower Court Decision. The Truth behind Linda Ellis's Manufatured Evidence

Now that Matthew Chan can make the Linda's Lyrics forum LIVE AGAIN, WOO HOOO. I have access to all the original content that Linda used as evidence against this man. Today I saw the original post I made that Linda CLAIMED was a death threat. She also manipulated and altered the evidence for the lower court hearing AND Supreme Court trial. Look at both carefully. BTW, keep in mind that the Linda's Lyrics forum is a private member only forum that she lurked in using aliases and posted as an imposter. The color is the actual post that she said was a death threat. The black and white is the court evidence. "I started the topic thread called Linda Ellis we are coming after You!!!!" The thread was about how she hunts down her targets. The Hearse Song is the theme song to the Beware Don't Share blog and I've shared and posted the song dozens of times. I've never taken it down or backed away for the premise. Most importantly she didn't accuse me of stalking her, she accused Matthew Chan for obvious reasons. Who would believe an old white woman could be a threat? But a young asian man? Of course. I do hope every sees the importance of our freedom of speech. Linda Ellis is a liar, a fraud and finally anyone who wants to know can find out. Notice how in the court exhibit she has added the words to the poem. The words were never posted. Did the judge know that? No. He accepted the evidence without taking 1 minute to open up the forum and read the post for himself. The forum was alive at the time of the hearing!! Unbelievable, but unfortunately true. Also note that they deliberately removed the following post that put the entire post in context.


The Dash Extortion Letter Scheme PSA 215215