ELI Support Team Bands Together to Fight Back Dash Poet’s Propaganda 


I guess it is an official foursome. Robert Krausankas of Copyright-Trolls.com has once again released his latest post about the Dash Poet, Linda Ellis, entitled, “Poet” Linda Ellis has an Obsession Issue”. Robert’s post includes ALL of the Dash Poet’s “cyber-strafing” screenshots that I commented on.

It appears clear that Robert has chosen to publicly stand alongside me, April Brown, and Greg Troy in speaking out and fighting back the Dash Poet smear propaganda that was first directed at April in an effort to dissuade her from releasing her book, “Poetic Justice”, and myself for my outspoken support of April.


Defiantly.net Breaks Silence with Series of Articles on Dash Author Linda Ellis

Fed up with Linda Ellis and her latest slanderous websites about mwah, Matthew Chan is reporting on the author's latest stab at ruining my reputation.


"It seems I just can’t stay away from April Brown, author of “Poetic Justice”. There seems to be something new happening almost every day for the past week that requires me to discuss or write about April. Before too long, people are going to think I have an “obsession” for April. For now, the current accusation by the Dash Poet is that April is “obsessed” with her because April decided to write a book about her. My thinking is that when your email inbox and phone rings nearly every week for the last two years from strangers wanting to complain about the Dash Poet, her henchman John W. Jolin, or one of her nasty $7,500 extortion letters, it doesn’t make it easy to ignore. There is just something a tad bit annoying about listening to unhappy stories from people being scared into paying thousands of dollars just because you liked a poem enough to post on a website."


Dash Poet Revenge for My Support of April Brown and “Poetic Justice” 

On January 7, 2015, Dash Poet, Linda Ellis opened fire on April Brown by posting comments, remarks, and warnings on her book marketing website GetPoeticJustice.com and informed April about smear-and-shame website JustFreeSpeech.com and LindaLogic.com/obsession.html by posting on April’s Get Poetic Justice Facebook page. They were the Dash Poet’s attempt to dissuade and discourage April from releasing her book. As a consequence, knowing April as well as I do and because of our friendship as well as our shared distaste for the Dash Poem copyright extortion scheme, I felt compelled to publicly defend and support April in a way that very few could. (read more)


Video Clips Georgia Supreme Court Matthew Chan V. Ellis

Oscar Michelen: "Dead right" is a Colloquial Term -


Oscar Michelen: Overview of Matthew Chan "Stalking" Case -


Oscar Michelen: Non-Physical "Intimidation" to Cause Change -


Oscar Michelen: Overbroad Order Sweeps 1,900 Posts Away -


Oscar Michelen: Dash Poet's "Sexually Explicit" Image -

https://vimeo.com/116602479 (The gift from Peevey that just keeps giving!)

The Trust ELI Trailer: https://vimeo.com/106089742


Why Doesn't April Brown Sue Linda Ellis for Defamation?

Many have asked "why don't you sue Linda Ellis for slander". That is a fair question. I have a wonderful attorney. Linda's seen him in action. I'm fairly confident she doesn't want to see him again. But she is not the brightest bulb on the chandelier so I could be wrong. If I file a lawsuit, I would likely be advised to stop reporting on The Dash Extorion scheme and I won't comply with an order like that. With that said, Linda Ellis has definitely provided me with all the evidence I need to file a suit. See www.justfreespeech.com. Read about the law here (http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/defamation-law-made-simple-29718.html)

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