Many of our supporters asked me to write a book about The Dash extortion scheme. I did and it will be available on Amazon on December 1. The Prelaunch begins today and we are taking orders now. Thank you for telling your stories and supporting me for the past 18 months. I encourage you to buy one book, read it and then send it to your State's Attorney General. Consider purchasing one more and send that copy to the your state's Supreme Court Justice as well. We know legal news travels from the top down and you alone could prevent more victims by this simple act. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Whisker City cat rescue in Shoreline, Washington. Today is a great day.



Matthew Chan, Robert Krausankas, Greg Troy, and April Brown Take a Stand in Georgia

Nothing is more rewarding than what I discovered when I attended the Supreme Court Hearing on Matthew Chan's Appeal. Linda has enjoyed a relatively unchallenged life for nearly 2 decades and it was clear from the comments and expressions of the Supreme Court Justices that they are just as disgusted as we are. You should know that I am not the only one who is hell bent on putting an end to Linda Ellis's copyright trolling operation. Very soon we will all witness poetic justice.

  Robert Krausankus    April Brown    Greg Troy      Matthew Chan


Linda Ellis Now Invoicing Innocent Infringers!

Linda Ellis, owner of the copyright for The Dash poem, has decided to expedite her trolling operation and now sends an invoice with the very first letter! Seriously. John Jolin's extortion letter now includes an invoice for $7500! Unbelievable. I guess they both can smell the end of a very lucrative extortion program and hope that they can find someone, ANYONE, stupid enough to fall for this scam. Don't be fooled, the end is near.

Note to Linda. Remember what the Georgia Supreme Court said? Pointing out your offensive copyright trolling operation by referencing the death of your operation through a "video" is not an actual "death threat". 


Linda Ellis, Author of The Dash, Show Me The Money!


The below video was submitted by an anonymous user, it was originally posted on youtube, but was removed due to a DMCA takedown request, the originator wanted to stay anonymous and did not refute the takedown notice. In the video you can clearly see the wonderful, shining personality of “The Dash” poem author Linda Ellis, you can practilly see the venom oozing from her scaly pores.

What she doesn’t “get” is that this is not about “copyright enforcement” this is about the methods of which she and her side-kick John W. Jolin engage in that is the sore spot. Let’s face reality, she had the world by the perverbial balls when the cheesy poem “The Dash” went viral, she could have easily used that to her benefit, but she chose to become one of the biggest, baddest copyright trolls EVER, right up there with Righthaven, Getty Images and Prenda of porn fame.  “Author” Linda Ellis doesn’t like when people state that her poem is not worth $7500, which is the amount she generally demands in her letters, truth of the matter is she sells all this garbage with the poem printed on it, such as mugs, calendars, plaques and other assorted crap for as little as $6.95. Does she really believe that any judge would award her $7500 or more from a grieving person, who may have shared “The Dash” poem when they saw it online as “Author Unknown”, or whom may have posted the poem, because they got it in an email from Inspiration Speaker Linda Ellis herself? I think not! Which also explains, why she doesn’t actually follow through on her threats to file lawsuits, that is simply part of her fear /extortion tactics to extract money from grieving families and the like.


Matthew Chan Speaks Out on Defiantly.com about Supreme Court Chan V. Ellis

Matthew Chan was ordered by Judge Jordan (Columbus, GA) to never speak about Linda Ellis again. NEVER. He has been silent for 18 months. Now you can read about his ordeal and Ellis v. Chan and Chan v. Ellis on his newly launched website www.defiantly.com. Chan's appeal of the Lifetime Protection Order awarded to Ellis in March of 2013 was heard before the Georgia Supreme Court on October 7, 2014. Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote an excellent article about the case. You can also watch video highlights of the hearing. For those attorneys advising their clients to pay off Ellis, you need to wise up and educate yourself on this issue. Linda Ellis is not going to sue your client so stop giving bad advice and just bill those poor victims for an hour and move on. The Dash Extortion scheme is coming to an end and public ridicule of Ellis and her practices will follow. Stay tuned...