Linda Ellis - Author Rips Off George Carlin Jokes

Copyright troll, Linda Ellis has tried for many years to establish herself as a pubic speaker. She's posts videos from time to time showing off her skill set as a writer. She displays her gift by opening her speeches with other author's works  without crediting those authors. For her finale she reads The Dash to the audience in a soft sad voice hoping I'm sure to drive home those words so that each member of the audience buys her book and shares that stupid poem and creates more targets for her. She does not warn the audience NOT TO SHARE THE DASH. There is no record anywhere of Ellis warning people not to share the poem or warning them of the consequences if they do. 

Most of us wonder why she can't recite the poem from memory. Many of you believe she can't remember the words after 20 years of reading the stupid poem because she didn't write The Dash. We beleive she found it and claimed it as her own and then copyrighted it. We believe that notion because she has quoted 3 different dates she claims to have written it - 1994, 1996 and 1998. There are three different versions of the poem on the Internet. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practise to deceive!" - Felicia Hemans from Marmion as an epigraph for her poem of 1827, The Homes of England.

It appears that Ellis has difficulty writing original thought and crediting other authors for their words. Her most recent video marketing snippets include words from George Carlin and Evelyn Anderson she didn't credit either author.

"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty thin gs." George Carlin

The other big laugh she gets is from a common phrase used by public speakers is Evelyn Anderson's:

"After such an introduction, I can hardly wait to hear what I’m going to say" - Evelyn Anderson.

Linda does not find it necessary to credit authors with their original content yet she expects the reading public never to share her content with anyone or quote her? I didn't get paid a dime when I shared the Dash. We can assume that Linda Ellis is being paid for public speaking. She is in full violation of her own rules of fair play and justice.

Linda Ellis plays by a very different set of rules. Her hypocrisy seems to grow with each passing day.




Open Letter to Belinda Ellsworth re: Linda Ellis - Author, Speaker, Poet, Copyright Troll

Dear Belinda,

You and I have someone in common. Linda Ellis. You know the public persona, I know the person behind that veil of decency. You and I have much in common too. I am a small business owner and my client list is comprised of religious organizations, non-profits and entrepreneurs and mostly women. 

The fact is, you could be writing me this letter. I’ve met dozens upon dozens of women just like you who once were fans of Linda Ellis. These women are leaders too - doctors, attorneys, preacher’s wives, teachers, students, directors, volunteers, grieving moms, dads, children, aunts, uncles and nieces and even grandparents - all fans of Ellis who shared The Dash with credit and praise for the author. Instead expressing gratitude, Ellis accused these good people of copyright infringement. She demands as much as $100,000 in “damages”. Her typical demand is from $3500 to $7500 – a sum insurance companies are all too happy to pay off to avoid legal action. Attorneys can be stupid too, just sayin'.

You are lucky. Maybe you are one of those people who never shares content without asking for permission first. My guess is that if you have been on the Internet as long as I have, you too have shared a verse or a poem and other forms of content on social media without getting permission. The fact that nearly all of that sharing is proper and legal, including sharing The Dash on a blog or website. But people don’t understand their rights.

Linda Ellis has aligned herself with you. You have something she wanted and you delivered. By inviting Ellis to speak you added to her credibility and you created more targets for her to extort money from. You are being used.

I know this sounds incredible. Why would someone who calls herself a Christian and is selling self-help books attack her fans and intimidate people into paying her money? Why would she ask people to share her poem and accuse them of plagiarizing, copyright infringement, and stealing? Why would she use her friends to pretend to be attorneys and frighten people into paying her off? Why would she send letters to people in deep and painful grief and tell them that they have hurt her and owe her thousands of dollars for the “crime” – her words not mine.

Linda Ellis is a well-known copyright troll. A dozen websites have been created to end her scheme. She has been exposed and discredited by her peers and the court system, including the Georgia Supreme Court. Thousands of documents, videos, audio recordings and witnesses are evidence of her illegal actions and immoral conduct. This is all public information and easily accessible with the click of your mouse.

I understand you have very little time. You are successful and your influence is far and wide. You are changing lives with your skills and no question the world is a better place because of your efforts. The next time you are standing in front of all those amazing women, you will be looking at Linda Ellis’s victims. Victims you unknowingly may create by exposing Ellis to them. I can guarantee that at least one of your client’s will post that stupid poem and she will contact me for help. Would you like to talk to some of her victims? These are women who will truly inspire your clientele with genuine stories and lives. You could help put an end to this scheme by telling their stories instead of promoting Linda Ellis.

It’s too late to put the feathers back in the pillow and as Linda Ellis says, “the damage is done”. The Dash poem is viral. I do hope you will at the very least send an email to your contacts and warn them of this scheme and appeal to them NOT to share The Dash EVER.

I’m sending you my book – Poetic Justice. This book chronicles my experience with Ellis and traces the path of the scheme. I hope you will read it and then send your copy to the Michigan State Attorney General Michigan Department of Attorney General, G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor, 525 W. Ottawa St., P.O. Box 30212, Lansing, MI 48909.

Help us prevent more victims.

Warm regards,

April Brown

CEO Charity Auction World



I got a letter from Linda Ellis - Now What do I do? Linda Ellis, Copyright Troll, author, speaker, poet

Aaron, take a breath and relax. You don't need to "fight" a legal action from Linda Ellis.  She's not going to sue you.

MY advice is about as easy as it gets. Ignore every single letter, phone call and email you get. John Jolin is not an attorney and Linda Ellis is an extortionist. The letter you received is filled with false information and flat out lies.  

Don't consult a lawyer. It's a waste of time and money. Most attorneys know very little about the issue of copyright trolling. The wise attorneys will give you the same advice I'm giving you for free over the phone - (mine gave me this advice and he was 100% right). If you already freaked out and hired an attorney tell him to read my book Poetic Justice - The True Story Behind "The Dash" Poem and One Victim's Mission to End copyright Extortion and Bullying. Then call me. I will connect him with Greg Troy of the Copyright Anti-Bullying Act and attorney, Oscar Michelen.  

Next, you can call me to vent your frustrations. I will introduce you to lots of other targets who took my advice and prevailed over this nasty snake of a copyright troll - Linda Ellis.

Finally, if you want to have fun, tell your story in an "Open Letter to Linda Ellis". These letters allow you to expose her for who she is and you can prevent more victims and targets. Linda claims you don't exist. She tells people she has never sent a letter to a grieving family.   

Jolin and Ellis will annoy you for about a year maybe longer. Ignore them and tell everyone you know about the scam. Your voice is important. Some targets still payoff this wench and contact me afterward embarrassed they fell for the fear mongering and threats.

You are welcome to share your story with my followers so please post it here and on all social media. You are one of hundreds if not thousands of grieving families Ellis sends extortion letters too. In fact, people in grief paid for her house, car and business. Don't be that guy who pays for her facelift and retirement home.



LINDA ELLIS LIES ABOUT EXTORTION SCHEME - Claims she's never sent an extortion letter to a grieving family

This Memoriam at one time included The Dash Poem. Linda accused Brett's family of "stealing her poem" so they removed it from the memorium. Simply sharing The Dash - as Linda Ellis originally wanted people to do - made this family a target. Did they pay her? They sure did. Pretty sick. Brett's life is to be admired. His family did nothing wrong when they shared The Dash. Ellis has claimed repeatedly that she does not demand money from the grieving.
This is a direct quote from Linda Ellis, "I've never sent a grieving family a letter demanding money". 

From John W. Jolin, "Ms. Ellis has never demanded money from a grieving family".

From Linda Ellis pretending to be her assistant, "Ms. Ellis would never demand money from a grieving family". 

Not only did this family pay her off, she forced them to post the following apology:
"Previously we published a poem titled, “The Dash”, without crediting the author. We recently learned that the poem was written by Linda Ellis of Linda’s Lyric’s, www.lindaellis.net. Ms. Ellis owns and has registered the copyright to her poem. We have removed the poem at this time."
In Memoriam Brett Wood-Taylor 1951 - 2008

The DASH by Linda Ellis was written in 1996. This poem has been a comfort to many folks over the years and I would like to give my interpretation of what this means to me. The dash or hyphen is used to connect words or syllables together. But in life, the dash represents the alpha and omega of one’s life, the beginning and end, the mark on a tombstone signifying birth and death. So what does this DASH mean? What does it mean in the continuum of one’s life – the time spent on this earth? What meaning, what importance, what value can we give this dash?
At birth, there is but innocence. A new hope for a full and useful life. A mother’s hope for a healthy, happy child, a father’s hope for a successful career, a grandparent’s hope for a new generation.
As we grow, our dash turns to education, careers, spouses, our own children. We are a measure of our accumulations of houses and cars, of activities and stuff. It is a measure of our so-called wealth or could be a measure of one’s self-indulgence.
As we pass the twilight of our years, we think less and less of those material things and think of our own mortality. We know we will not live forever and that our dash will soon be a dying flame in some distant memory.
But at the end of the day, we have to know that the dash is not a history book of material wealth because you can not take it with you. We hope that our dash has meaning and is meaningful to those we have touched, to those we have loved, to those who love us.
In that, Brett Wood-Taylor’s dash has been long and fruitful. A dash that has stretched the continent from California to New York, from Florida to Washington, finally ending up in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. He has touched hundreds and perhaps thousands of people, especially in his Judo career, as a competitor, as a coach, as a referee and most importantly as the Head Instructor of Welcome Mat Judo Club in Fond du Lac. The legacy he leaves, one can only hope to achieve a tenth of that accomplishment. In that, Brett has been wildly successful.
His unselfishness, his dedication to Judo and to his family, his generosity to those in greater need than himself is legend. His incomparable Santa’s laugh, driving all night to get ladder boards to Southern Illinois, his focus to attend meetings in Houston to make Judo better in the United States in spite of his illness, belies his fierce dedication and loyalty to the sport that taught him to be a man. In this regard, he was more than a little crazy. Crazy in a nice way, but crazy nonetheless.
Brett’s life cannot be summed up simply that he was a good man. Brett’s life was complicated. You could consider him a philosopher for the wisdom he imparted to his many students. He was a teacher of the physical person as well as a teacher of the spirit and mind. He was a wonderful companion to his wife, Margaret and a loving father to 5 kids, Terra, Genne, Chelsea, Brittany, and Brandon. He was a friend you could count on. His word was golden and if he promised something, consider it done. Generous to a fault, much of his income was spent on Judo, his club and students and on gifts to friends. It is just fortunate that Margaret was working all that time. Otherwise, I think they would have been in the poor house.
Brett’s life has been cut short much too soon. He was only 57, not even three score. But his legacy will follow him in the type of judoka’s we all become because we knew him, because of his wisdom, his loyalty and his friendship. If he taught us anything, it is that loyalty is a virtue that cannot be entrusted to just anyone. It must be earned and it must be sought. It must be embedded in your core and you must wear it always. It cannot be bought or sold. It cannot be abused or ill-treated. For in the end, loyalty defines your character, your honesty, your soul. Brett Wood-Taylor has shown his loyalty to all who have been privileged know him.
So at the end of his DASH, I say GOODBYE. Goodbye seems so final, and perhaps it is. And while it is a traditional parting phrase, it means “GOD BE WITH YE”. So, Brett, God be with ye, my friend. Goodbye and safe travel.
In friendship and love, your friend always, Kei Narimatsu



Copyright Troll Sends love poems to "Her Stalker"


The past few weeks have been somewhat entertaining as we watch Linda Ellis attempt to create more sympathy for herself while positioning April Brown as "Her Stalker". Matthew Chan held that distinction until his attorney Oscar Michelen sent her a Cease & Desist Letter warning her to stop spreading That Lie. Now Linda Ellis, Inspiring author, speaker, poet, copyright troll - has annointed April Brown, Auctioneer, Philanthropist, and Activist

Her "copyright" essay has been rewritten repeatedly - each time softening the lies and adding new ones. From time to time she seems to apologize but then continues with the same unscrupulous behavior. More proof that her poetry and public persona are a farce. Surprise.

This week she's writing me love poems with daily updates. This new maneuver has thrilled about 3 people in her camp and given me loads to laugh and write about. I don't have time to break apart her entire essay but I have to talk about this original lie for a moment: "April Brown was charged with wiretapping a police officer". She now writes:

"She was even researched after secretly videotaping a police officer after a formal complaint was filed against her."

Love the word "researched". With that journalistic standard, I could start floating the idea that Linda Ellis is being investigated for prostitution. Although "Hooking" is a more respected profession than copyright trolling, we've never felt the need to lie or embellish the facts. Ellis is lost in so much guilt and shame and still unable to face the truth about what she's done and continues to do.

By the way, the "wiretapping story" does have a grain of truth to it if you can compare water to whiskey. Both are liquid and that's about it. I did post a surveillance video recorded inside Whisker City of an animal control officer investigating a report that Linda Ellis filed with King County Animal Control. That sneaky little act caused a firestorm of problems and cost our rescue organization $17,000 in surveillance upgrades, protective fencing and other measures by the time it was all over. I made the legally taped surveillance video public - something I have the right to do as a US citizen. Remember Linda has tried very hard to get public officials to investigate our animal shelter for "abusing animals". She also turned us in for Tax Fraud. The story is in Poetic Justice. One would think she would change her failed strategy. BTW, the King County Animal Control Officer (not police officer) eventually learned who Ellis is and that she was manipulated to advance Ellis's smear campaign. If she called KCAC today, Ellis would get a very different reaction. She should also take a few minutes and "research" the neighbors she temporarily buddied up with too. She can start with King County Corrections and Shoreline Police Department.

She's in a tough spot. If she tells the truth, she will lose what's left of her FB followers. For some reason she doesn't see she can't win. She's already lost her reputation as an inspirational author. She has no peer support. Her sales are in the toilet. She's trying hard to get speaking engagements but remains one of the lowest paid public speakers in her genre. How do I know that little nugget of information? Unfortunately this dolt sent an extortion letter to someone whose girlfriend works with the company that books her occasional public speaking gigs.

Instead of writing love poems to me she needs to write letters of apology to her targets and return the money she's extorted. (prepare to suppress your gag reflex) If she wants people to believe her side of the story, she needs to use our real names - Matthew Chan, April Brown, Greg Troy, Robert Krausankas, andb The Blackboard and let them find us and "research" for themselves. She can't fool all the people all the time.

Confess. Repent. Be accountable. That's what winning looks like now. Those of us who stand for good can't be destroyed by the evil of a little 'ole housewife in Georgia who abuses her readers, fans and friends.