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No Headlines and No Investigation for Quixote

Fox News ran a special Crime Stoppers episode last night about the mass cat killings in Thurston County. I watched as Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza spoke of the pain and horror the families are feeling as they discover their beloved missing cat was brutally mutilated and left in public for discovery. I believe the Sheriff cares about the murdered cats owners.  Sheriff Snaza labeled the killings as "Major Crimes" and he's putting his best officers on the investigation and combining the resources of Joint Animal Services. Contrast Sheriff Snaza's response to that of King County Sheriff John Urquhart's office.

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Quixote's Killer - Will He Kill Again?

Google "serial killers" and hundreds of references come up ascribing animal abuse as a precursor to human murder. I think it's fair to surmise the police believe the Thurston County cat mutilations and kills may become child murder investigations if they don't catch that killer before he escalates.  Prolific animal killers eventually kill people.  People in Thurston County are afraid. Quixote's killer has a very different profile.

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The Sociopathic Cat Killer or Is He?

When I read the comments on the Justice for Quixote Facebook community we all seem to feel exactly the same way. "Give me 5 minutes with that guy and I'll show him real fear..." or something close to that sentiment. I'm with you. What kind of person smashes an innocent animal's body to a pulp, "...nearly every bone in his body was broken ". This was a very violent and loud and bloody crime. 

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