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Manny Regalado Judgements in Los Angeles County - NONE WERE EVER PAID

If you want to view the full judgements won against Manny Regalado, join any of the court document sites like I’ve conducted interviews with several attorneys and Manny Regalado victims. The information I’ve gleaned is seriously painful to listen too. The attorneys and victims I spoke too who dropped the cases gave up. The attorney fees became unbearable. The attorneys I spoke with advised me to save my money and not sue Regalado. I chose to instead expose this conman and prevent more victims.

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Manny Regalado - Entitled Sociopath - C-Grade Con Man

I listen to crime podcasts and I have a few favorites. Small Town Dicks, Sword and Scale, This is Actually Happening, Already Gone are just a few. I anticipate my daily walks and learn more about people than just the horrific crimes they commit. I learn about human behavior and why some people are just downright scarier than we want to believe. Trusting one’s gut can be a life-saving exercise.

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