Canadian Funeral News Hands Out A little Poetic Justice to Copyright Troll

A few months ago someone from the Canadian Funeral News stumbled across one of my blog post on the Beware Don’t Share blog and asked for my permission to share it in their industry publication. I was thrilled since the funeral industry, related business owners and customers have made Christian author Linda Ellis very rich from copyright settlements. 

Part 3 - Copyright Troll Unveiled in Her Own Words

"The amount of requested licensing you quote in your continuous slander is not the amount copyright infringers and my company eventually amicably agree upon, nor is it the amount requested of all copyright infringers of my intellectual property. Each case is different and the extent of the damage is different as well. Yet, you continue to stretch the truth and perpetuate your slander to fit your obsessive campaign against me, Linda Ellis, author of The Dash." Linda Ellis

April Brown
Part 5 - Copyright Troll Unveiled In Her Own Words

"You say you're an activist now. An activist who stands against a copyright owner who is legally permitted to be paid for her work when it is distributed unauthorized and unlawfully by organizations and businesses. Aren't there more important things to fight for in this screwed up world -- hunger, homelessness, child abuse, to name a few? So many organizations a true "activist" could be spending her time helping."

April Brown
Part 4 - Copyright Troll In Her Own Words

"When your neighbor wrote me and told me how she feared you and tried to get a protection order to protect her family against your behavior, you turned that around as well and told people I contacted her. Everything is turned around by you to fit your narrative. I've also seen the vulgar things you post on the worldwide web, with pride. It made me realize we are indeed completely different souls."

April Brown
Part 1 - Copyright Troll Unveiled In Her Own Words

"You are an intelligent, professional business woman. Yet, you spend hours upon hours posting hundreds of untruths about "Linda Ellis" and have even written a book based upon facts that you know in your heart are completely distorted out of proportion. I had the I suppose I should praise your business savvy here for taking advantage of a situation to write and sell a book full of slander and defamation. Bravo."

Badly Behaving Author - Linda Ellis Trumps AK Rowling

Linda Ellis claims that her bad behavior is fair. She's only trying very hard to keep a poem that as been shared a million times as "anonymous" and "author unknown" and with no attribution whatsoever from becoming a Public Domain piece of literature. Her scorched earth methods invoked the Streisand effect.  Her legacy as the author of The Dash and inspiring Christian has been obliterated by her nasty, unethical and unlawful tactics for silencing her critics. And does Linda Ellis ever have critics. And I am her most vocal and most informed.

Death Care Industry Refuses to Pay Copyright Troll Over Use of The Dash Poem

In June 2012, I received a copyright infringement letter from Linda’s Lyrics, the company that manages and protects the work of Linda Ellis. The letter outlined that removal of the poem from the Emerald Creative website was not enough – there was also a demand for $7500 as ‘settlement fee’ for posting the poem. If this settlement fee was not paid, then there was a risk of litigation involving payment of a maximum of $150,000.

Brown to Ellis on wiretapping claim: Put up or Shut up

I wrote the book “Poetic Justice – The True Story Behind The Dash Extortion Scheme and One Victim’s Mission to End Copyright Bullying and Extortion”. That book is a chronicle of the bullying tactics Linda Ellis used to try and silence my reporting. Since that time her efforts have escalated and I continue to educate the public on The Dash Extortion Scheme.

Christians Make the Perfect Victim

January 2, 2017 marked five years reporting on The Dash Extortion Scheme. I've been contacted by hundreds of targets as many victims of the scheme - most identify as Christians and many are Jewish. All relate to the message of The Dash. They shared The Dash to inspire others or just because they felt that sharing was a good thing to do. They certainly never thought of themselves as a thief. To a person, they are shocked when the author demands exorbitant amounts of money in damages. 

Why Do People Share The Dash and Other Inspirational Poems?

I confess. I used to be one of those people who shared inspirational quotes.  A bit strange considering I am not someone who believes inspirational quotes and poetry make people feel better or even different after the last word is read. I am also not much of a believer in self-help books. I doubt most successful people read them or ever meet the authors. Most seem self-serving and judgmental even when the quotes are about judgment.

Linda Ellis's Desperate Trolling Operation

Linda Ellis is desperate. She is desperate to nullify her past. Desperate to be seen as a clean living Christian. Desperate to be believed. It's too late for Linda Ellis. The truth is out. If I were her, I would stick with the fans and followers she has and shut up. Because everybody else has gotten the message. Linda Ellis is a copyright troll.

Joel Albrizio - An Epic Fail

Copyright trolls are heartless bastards. They don't care if they bankrupt a small business owner, break the heart of a hurting family, humiliate a thoughtful person or cause someone to lose a job. They only care about themselves. They overvalue a photo, a poem, a video, they overvalue self. Let's just say that nobody wants to be friends with a copyright troll. - More About Copyright from Linda Ellis

If you follow this blog then you are familiar with the scores of attacks, Linda Ellis – Author Speaker Poet, has made on my social media accounts. On Memorial Day 2016, she bought another Google Adwords campaign this time the Adwords she chose are “April Brown Auctioneer”. This is nothing new.

Shocked? I'm Not. Linda Ellis and Joel Albrizio - Not So Strange Bedfellows

Just when you think Linda Ellis couldn’t find a deeper mud hole to wallow in she invents one. On December 22, 2016 Linda Ellis posted on another slander website, this time targeting Robert Krausankas, author of  Robert is an anti-copyright troll activist and modern satirist who exposes the dealings of copyright trolls with his stinging word spankings.

Copyright Trolls - A sucker is born every minute. P.T. Barnum

How could an ordinary poem – just 242 words - bankrupt a business, end a man’s career, close a charity’s doors, cause religious leaders to tremble and entrepreneurs to change their identity, shame a man to quit his job, empty church coffers, end programs and services for the needy, penalize a school district over a lesson plan, and emotionally and financially ruin a grieving family and increase insurance premiums for institutions, hospitals, charities and funeral homes?

The Day the Letter Came - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet

Her child died. She felt as if she were choking, unable to bear the emptiness or breathe her way through today let alone the rest of her life. How could she live with out her only child and how could she ever go back to the life she once had.  Now that she is longer a mother she will never care about anything or anyone again.

April Brown