Linda Ellis Author of The Dash Poem - Attempts to Extort Money from Senior Service Organizations

If you thought Linda Ellis would ever give up her lucrative scheme of extorting money from good people think again. While Linda Ellis's elderly mother lies sick in a hosptital bed she has her pretend "legal representative" John W. Jolin sending extortion letters to good people like the director of an agency that matches senior citizens skills and time with the needs of a community. Heartless? I think so. Surprising? No. Over the years thousands of individuals, businesses and charities have been on the receiving end of a letter filled with accusations and threats. The letters have the look and feel of a legal letter albeit filled with typos and lies.  Linda Ellis hopes that she will intimidate some one - any one - into paying her money. Poets - and clearly this poet is not able to make a living off her sappy poetry. The person below shared The Dash by Linda Ellis:

Message: Dear April.

I am the director of a local volunteer organization that matches senior citizens with available volunteer positions in our community.  I. like you was e mailed a copy of "the poem" by Ellis and put it in our quarterly newsletter that was posted as a pdf file on our web site...well you know what happened next, October 10 i received the e-mail letter that was cc'd to members of our city council.  I was so relived to find your blog on this topic and to learn that I am not alone.  I guess my only comment here would be that L.Ellis dangles an inspirational and comforting poem on the internet that is most appealing and embraced by the most vulnerable, the grieving, ill and lonely.  When they use it with the very best of intentions to comfort others around them-she pounces down with her hand out expecting payment and labeling them a thief.  I can only imagine what she might talk about as an inspirational speaker and wonder how anyone might be uplifted by her message if they knew what truly motivates her.  I applaud your efforts and look forward to reading your updates.  Forgive me if this was not the appropriate way of contacting you, I just really wanted to offer a high 5 and thank you for providing information on this issue.
Kindest regards,