"Unless you enter into an agreement (sign a document that has confidential written on it), you are NOT legally bound to keep it confidential. In order for it to be confidential, both parties must agree to it."

One of the keys The Dash Extorion Letter Scheme is the copyright warning that John W. Jolin attaches to all his emails. Think Nigerian Bank Scam and imagine if nobody ever shared that letter. Sound ridiculous? Of course. You also need to keep in mind that John W. Jolin has no more legal standing that your gardener. He is an impotent letter writer and nothing more. Silence and fear of a wimply little guy and a hack poet has allowed this scam to continue for a decade. 

Plus, Linda Ellis has declared herself a public figure. Read through this blog and the forum on Extortion Letter Info and read her own words stating this fact. She no longer has the privacy protection that you or I enjoy. She deems herself a celebrity and is now fair game to be photographed, video taped and written about - and that means reviewed and judged like any other celebrity. 

These people are constantly trolling for easy prey. Again, their favorite targets are the insured and those entities who retain an attorney. Organizations with a Board always provide one or more weak links (insecure humans) who worry about their reputation and public opinion rather than exposing this scheme. These weaklings worry the organization will lose donor support rather than taking stand and uniting with others. They worry that they will be seen as thieves. SNAP OUT OF IT!! It is Linda Ellis that should be running scared for her unethical and imoral tactics. She doesn't care if people lose their jobs or if a charity gives her money that was raised for much needed community services. Linda Ellis believes that stupid poem is more important that anything else on the planet.

I published every letter, every email, every comment that these pathetic pukes sent me. I have not been sued. I have been harrassed. The harrassment has no teeth and Linda Ellis and  John W. Jolin have no credibility.