Linda Ellis Author of The Dash Poem - Attempts to Extort Money from Church

In 2009 our church posted a PDF newsletter in which we included the poem.  In the newsletter we introduced the author and gave full credit to her and included her byline with the poem.

The article was removed the next month, however the pdf file itself remained on the server in an unpublished folder.  So for years now our published website has been void of the poem.

We received our letter Aug 26 and saw that the author's group apparently had special tools that searched all files on the server and even searched the content of the file, since the pdf file itself did not include the poem or author's name.  

In the letter it includes detail of a case won by the author in which $296,000.00 was awarded in the case of Ellis vs Aronson.  Needless to say, we were shocked at such a letter, when we actually thought we were helping suffering people by providing exposure to the author and her work.  No harm was intended and no profit was made.

So here we are now, being offered a settlement of $7500.  We now realize that we were wrong for posting the article, even for a short time, and that compensation may be in order.  But $7500 is seems awfully extreme.

But through it all, we have faith that our God will see us through this.