Linda Ellis Skewered with "The Dash For Cash"

There is much going on behind the scenes regarding The Dash and Linda Ellis. Our collective efforts have prevented hundreds of victims and we've withstood the attacks on our reputation and character. But don't think Linda Ellis has slowed down one bit. She continues to change her tactics and the wording of the extortion letters. You do not have to pay one red cent. Do not respond. And if you want to make a difference, join me (as many have) and publicly tell your story. Remember her #1 targets are the religious institutions and businesses, grieving families, funeral homes and associated businesses, schools and charities. If the organization is insured she is a pitbull. You are an innocent infringer. As long as you cease and desist, you are safe. Linda Ellis has NEVER SUED anyone who posted the poem on a blog, in a funeral program or in a newsletter either on line or in print. NEVER.