When I decided to fight back on the copyright trolling scheme, I had no idea that months later I would be involved in this cause on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. The whole issue has been a time suck. I've been asked many times, is there anything I would have done differently. There is just one thing - I would have never answered that first email from Linda Ellis. Once I responded to her accusations, I became the focus of her rage and eratic behavior. She is a cyber bully and I was not prepared for her tactics and ruthlessness.

Cyber bullies are cowards. The internet is filled with stories of cyberbullying of both children and adults. Once a bully always a bully. The bully's hope is that the intimidation and threats will force people into submission and shame them into silence. Those that don't know how to fight back successfully may commit suicide.

Linda has taught me that nothing is more important to a bully than the bully's agenda. Linda Ellis wants money - your money, my  money by any means neccessary. She doesn't seem to get that I'm never going to pay her and I will never be silenced. Filing false DMCA notices shut down my Youtube channels but not my voice. She has forced me into the spotlight - the national spotlight. Will she file false DMCA notice on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and cable news? Will she try shutting down Public Television, radio and print? Will she try to silence my voice at Rotary, Chambers, Kiwanis, and all business organizations? 

I know the sting of censorship now. Can a little ole frightened poet in Georgia can censor me? We will just see about that.