A lot has happened this week. For those of you who are still concerned about coming out publicly, now is the time to Just Do It! I don’t think there is one single issue we need to expose at this point to support you in publicly sharing your story. Linda Ellis has no more power over you than the scammers in Nigeria. You now know you are protected by Fair Use. You now know you will never be sued. You now know you that John W. Jolin is not an attorney and those letters have no legal standing whatsoever. You now know that if someone sends you a copyrighted letter, the mere fact that they send it to you in an email means you CAN share it. What can you do now? Visit and create an account. Send your email(s) with the letter to Matthew Chan. Your letter will be posted on Your personal information will be redacted. Tell us your story here. Use your real name and the name of your organization. (You wouldn’t hide our name if you got a letter from a Nigerian would you? Post your story on all social media. Warn your contacts with an email blast. The Dash poem is a virus and needs to be eliminated from circulation. Copy the BEWARE DON’T SHARE log and post it everywhere, especially on Wordpress, Typepad and Blogger. Notify every business, religious, education association you are affiliated with. Contact the funeral homes in your area and ask them if they have been contacted by Linda Ellis or one of her trolls. Let them know about Ron Tranmer and his free give of The Dash Between. If your voice is being silenced by the Board of Directors, assure them this is a scheme for extracting money. Thanks for your support. Its time for YOU to speak publicly rather than through me. You are safe now.

April Brown