Linda Ellis Demand Letter - Copyright Troll New and Improved

Linda Ellis has revamped her Troll image by creating a new and less-improved demand letter. This letter again, includes a court case she won against a man that agreed to pay her a copyright fee for use of her poem. He never paid her and published a workbook that included the poem.  Ellis v. Aronson - was not a case of innocent infringement.  Yes, she did win Ellis V. Aronson because the defendant failed show up in court. But we ask Linda, did you ever collect one dime from Mr. Aronson? In this lateset form letter,  Jolin refers to defendant Aronson as defendant Eric Anderson in the footnotes.  This dolt "John Jolin, Linda's self-proclaimed Official Intellectual Property Coordinator", can't take the time to proofread his own form letters. Remember John W. Jolin has no legal authority - period.