Linda Ellis purported Author of The Dash Attempts Image Overhaul

When Linda Ellis teamed up with Tim McCormack, she found a new advisor and she appears to be listening closely. 

We've watched as Ellis nearly singlehandedly exposed herself to her frans and followers as one of the nastiest copyright trolls to date. Ellis's extortion scheme is primarily managed by John W. Jolin and she also enlists the services of a few members of her family to extort money from innocent infringers. The operation costs little and in her words "people pay me 99.99% of the time". This attempt to rehab her image obviously reflects the loss of reputation and profits. Linda's veil has been lifted. It is obvious we have had a huge affect on her ability to scare people into paying up. Otherwise, why would she wipe clean of all references to Matthew Chan and April Brown? Why would she need a new Brand and a new Image? Why would she need to hire someone to clean up her internet reputation? She has tried to remove all those nasty essays and comments she proudly posted on dozens of tech blogs denying she sends letters to grieving families, charities, churches and schools? The internet has nearly been wiped clean of the real and historical Linda Ellis. This is classic Linda Ellis - pretending that she never did what we know she has done. Erase. Erase. Erase.

Linda has always underestimated her targets and victims. Before "Beware Don't Share" and "Extortionletterinfo", Ellis operated in relative secrecy. She continued to circulate The Dash and asked others to help her. Then she sent her famous extortion letters to the very people who made The Dash become the"legacy" she is so proud of and claims she wants to protect.

The day John W. Jolin sent me the now famous Dash Extortion Letter was a game changer for her entire operation. Not that Ellis or Jolin backed down - to the contrary. She thinks herself so clever she could cripple me with over 2 years of nasty and threatening emails, and attempts to destroy my business, my family and my charity. Yet, she continues to fail in her goal to silence every dissenting voice. 

Ellis has ELI to thank for connecting her with Tim McCormack - the Getty Images attorney who hates, I mean hates Matthew Chan, ELI's forum moderator. McCormack used Ellis to shut Chan up by filing a Stalking Exparte claim against him in March of 2013, and it worked if only temporarily. In court, Ellis acted her little ole Southern belle role perfectly and managed to convince a small town judge that Matthew Chan was stalking her. I discovered that Tim McCormack tried to convince a Seattle police officer to charge one of his angry victims after the guy sent him an email with a euphemism McCormack deemed threatening. He filed a polie report and tried get a Seattle Police Officer to charge this guy stalking and harassment. The Seattle Police officer refused to file the charge and in fact, a second officer caught McCormack withholding important evidence that actual cleared the man from wrongdoing. McCormack learned from that experience and counseled Ellis to file a civil claim instead. Why? Because in a criminal case Reasonable Doubt is in play and there was plenty of reasonable doubt that Ellis was ever in fear for her life. This is Georgia after all, where women are well, girls. Of course, the Georgia judge had no idea that while Ellis was claiming to be afraid of Matthew Chan she had already stalked and infiltrated every area of my life - fearlessly. 

Maybe it's time for someone to tell her the facts. Ellis - it's too late. We've screen captured nearly 100% of your posts. We have nearly all your comments. I have all of your essays. I have all the lies you posted on Facebook. And all those posts and threads on ELI? They are still there too just waiting for the scrutiny that PPO temporarily squashed. Even if Matthew Chan doesn't win the appeal, I can supeona the ELI content. And I can even have the neighbor you contacted to watch my house testify about your new found friendship - I have those emails too. So you go ahead and try to clean up your image. It's too late to turn back now. And remember all your victims? They are still here too.