The Dash Poem Copyright Info

Yesterday I heard from another religious leader. He posted a sermon with The Dash included. He operates a very small church, under 100 congregants. They reside in an extremely poor part of the country. Linda Ellis's self-titled COPYRIGHT REPRESENTATIVE, John Whitelaw Jolin, is hounding the guy for $7500.You probably got the same letter but from John W. Jolin. Apparently John thinks that including his middle name "Whitelaw" in full sounds more scary and lawyer-like. Don't be fooled. Jolin is not a lawyer and those letters have no legal standing.

The big news though is Linda is experimenting with actually buying postage and sending letters certified. I received a couple certifed letters myself. Ignored those too.

So remember: Ignore. Ignore. Ignore and save yourself. Speak out. Speak Out. Speak Out and save others. 

By the way, the offering plate last Sunday yielded $58. Where would he get the money if he fell for this scam? Sell the church. Hold a fundraiser for extortion money? Your guess is as good as mine.