Rank Exploits Don’t Post Linda Ellis’s ‘The Dash’.

Rank Exploits makes a great post about Linda Ellis and The Dash. Make sure you scroll down and read the comments.


Don’t Post Linda Ellis’s ‘The Dash’.

19 March, 2013 (08:25) | CopyrightWritten by: lucia

linda ellis the dash

This is a public service about announcement Linda Ellis’s “The Dash” that has nothing to do with climate change. I’m posting this content here because a previously existing forum to post discussions of Linda Ellis’s outrageous demands for $7500 settlements from unsuspecting infringers-often bereaved — was taken down due to a court order. Until such time as a new forum appears, I will periodically make posts when I read of a new specific copyright demand letter has been sent to someone for what appears to be either de minimus infringement or fair use posting of “The Dash” on someones blog or interior web page. I anticipate this will occur from time to time– if it begins to occur at a rate of more than once a week, I’ll write a script to segregate items in this category so that regular climate readers don’t have to worry about them while still permitting them to be crawled.

April Brown