I was awakened today (way to early) with a call from another victim of linda ellis. When I say "same old story" I mean same old story. Same anger. Same disappoinment. Same comments about her whole "inspirational author" image. Seems we all react the same way. First we research her website, then her Facebook, then the net and we all come away with the same sick feeling. And we all kick ourselves for ever thinking that stupid poem was anything more that a weapon of mass repulsion.

So now what? You don't have to do anything. Really. We've established that you won't be sued. Any fear you have has been conjured up by the extortion letters. The letters have no legal standing whatsoever. Forget about the letter. Forget about the extortion. Forget about the infamous author. Believe me, I wish I could.

The caller today asked me why I decided to devote so much time and energy to this issue. Well, the truth is, I work with the very people linda ellis accuses of lying, stealing and cheating her out of her legacy and her money. Last night I met with a client who started an organization that visits prisons in Uganda. While there, he and his team sew up machete gashes, dispense meds for parasites and simply touch people with kindness, prayer and hope. Their words are meant to heal, uplift and encourage. His life, his heart, his love will live as his legacy. My calendar is filled with meetings with people who truly are an inspiration in deed. By contrast linda ellis's deeds are cruel, opportunistic and downright wierd. Her words lost meaning long ago. Whatever legacy she thought she was protecting will forever be tainted by the truth and we are the carriers of that truth. 

Like the Nigerian Bank Scam, The Dash Extortion Letter scheme is here to stay. Your efforts have been affective and you are preventing more victims but stopping linda ellis will not be possible without change in the law that gives her the perceived right to intimidate and destroy. Remember, no other poet in the entire universe is aligned with her or is involved in a scheme like this. This says a lot about her, John Jolin and her family.

Continue to watch and wait. Continue to tell your story. A storm has been gathering for some time and there are more players than you realize and I'm the least among them.

If you just found this post, you are welcome to join my private A.C.T (Against Copyright Trolls) mailing list. To qualify, you must provide the extortion letter, all correspondence and your personal story. All will remain confidential until you are ready to release the information.