Why We Must Fight Back - Linda Ellis Author of The Dash


Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 9:20 AM

I encourage all of you to visit the Extortion Letter Info forum. You will find the most up-to-date information on Linda Ellis and her extortion letter scheme. Matthew Chan is the moderator of this forum. On February 13, 2013, Linda Ellis filed a bogus Stalking Ex Parte claim on Matthew in an effort to shut down the forum and silence our voices. As you might remember, Linda Ellis filed false DMCA notices on my Youtube accounts and all of my web accounts last year, successfully shutting down several for nearly 2 months. I easily proved she lied about her claims but still the effort was successful. Linda Ellis actually believes that we will keep silent while she fleeces grieving famlies, schools, institutions, churches, synagogs, parishes and charities for simply sharing that stupid Dash Poem.

I encourage you to get informed. Stop communicating with this loser and send us your letters with permission to publish. You can be part of the solution or cower in the corner and whine. The fact is we all feel exactly the same way and we all say exactly the same thing and I quote:

  • I just shared the poem.
  • I took it down immediately.
  • I thought she was a Christian.
  • I would have never shared it had I known.
  • I've never heard of Linda Ellis.
  • The Dash poems is on a million websites. 
  • I'm not paying her a dime.
  • Our board is afraid of going court.
  • I'm afraid of going to court.
  • What about the case she cites?

Linda Ellis successfully collects money because people are uninformed and frankly, suckers. I'm amazed at how little attorneys know about Fair Use and Innocent Infringement. Get informed. Get involved.