The Simple Truths about the Dash Poem - More Lies

In June I posted a list of just some of the agregious acts Linda Ellis committed in an attempt to extort $7500 from me because I shared that stupid Dash poem.  If you can take the time to read through the posts here and at EXTORTIONLETTERINFO.COM you will discover the screen captures of those acts she denies. This so called inspirational author, Linda Ellis, has lied repeatedly on her Facebook account, in video and on blog posts and in comments on other people's blogs. 

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In reply to an earlier post on Jun 25, 2012 1:56:10 PM PDT
L. Ellis (IN BOLD) says:

She sent me nearly 100 emails filled with slander and lies. UNTRUE - Responded to your emails to me during back and forth correspondence. You'd sent questions to entice email responses, so that you could later count and complain.

She contacted my clients and warned them not to trade with me AND if they shared her poem she would come after them. UNTRUE - Never happened.

She sent 2 letters to my husbands employer accusing him of Ethics violations. TRUE - Contacted Ms. Brown/Business Partner (or attempted to) - Violations occurred when his business partner used copyrighted work on a site where he was listed -- the site that infringed.

She took out 3 Google ads with click throughs attacking my character. TRUE - Took out Google ads to bring people to the truth. Promptly discontinued and apologized for temporary unprofessional behavior.

She linked to videos from my Youtube account and posted comments accusing me of criminal behavior and theft. UNTRUE - Embed link was clearly available to raunchy comedy routine. Was trying to show contrast to inspirational work and your video. Anyone who uses youtube knows about this embed authorization.
She embedded my photo on her website and included a link to a 30 year old comedy routine. She accused me of being unpatriotic and disrespectful of the military. TRUE - not an accusation, an opinion. You wear tampons around your neck wearing a military uniform. To me, that's COMPLETE disrespect. My opinion, not an accusation. 

She accused me of having videos with sexual explicitly content. Not an accusation, an opinion. You discuss your husband's, well...preferences in detail. That's explicit sexual content, with which I do not want my work associated...incidentally

She filed DMCA notice on 3 of my Youtube channels and has those channels shut down now since May 21st. TRUE (though I don't know the dates precisely) - My company filed notices on ONLY that which contained our copyrighted work or very close derivatives. What they did to your "channel" after your repeated violations was not our decision or intent.

She filed copyright strikes on my website. - TRUE - Contained even more copyrighted content. Shortly after you stated that copyright protection is "ridiculous," you continue to post copyrighted material. 

She filed copyright strikes on all my video hosting accounts. Somewhat true - I don't know if I've reached them "all" -- only what we saw that contained our COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. We have a legal right to have removed, all copyright violations. That's why they took them down. That's what DMCA is for, to protect copyrighted works.

She has called me stupid and mentally disabled. Somewhat true - Wrote sarcastically after you called me slurs that I won't post or discuss. We engaged mutually in unprofessional discussions, for which I've apologized, and which I regret.

I compiled a list of over 45 people that paid her off and there is not one person on that list who did anything more than share her poem. It is true that people who have used copyrighted work unauthorized have paid for the damages their indiscretions caused. They did wrong, admitted it and accepted the responsibility of their actions. 

She posted a list of my competitors on her website (connected with one of her Google ads telling people to trade with them rather than me because I'm unethical, unprofessional and a thief). True and False - Never suggested anyone use another auctioneer. Everyone was encouraged to make their own choices after reviewing true facts.

Bob Dole shared her poem without permission. ANYONE can share the poem, aloud, recited, anywhere at any time. A war hero sharing my words is a lot different than an auctioneer who charges charities and wears tampons around her neck. The poem can be read on my own web site at where it is clearly stated as copyrighted material.

The guy who read it for the first time on the radio shared it without her permission. FALSE - I sent it to him. I'd later appeared on his show, etc. 

I shared it without her permission. TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE

Further, Linda Ellis shares other people's copyrighted quotes without their permission. Somehow, I'm not sure Mother Theresa and Oprah mind their one liners being shared. LOL! Learn about copyright...quotes...jokes...or 36-line registered works. There is indeed a difference. 

Is everything addressed to your satisfaction, Ms. Brown?