I'm in business. I'm proud of my business and everything I do in that business. I'm even proud of taking on this new issue that affects my clients - copyright trolling. I am completely transparent and have never attempted to silence anyone - including LINDA ELLIS. But LINDA ELLIS divides her time between her trolling scheme and attacking every single person who reveals what she has done to them. She has aligned herself with other copyright trolls and they are teaming up to silence every voice, every piece of evidence and the revelation of their tactics. If this is an honest business, why the secrecy? 

Because it works. I'm not afraid of Linda Ellis, but plenty of people are. I'm not afraid of what she writes about me because it is so darn easy to expose her lies and hypocrisy. The paper trail is piling up with every sneaky little act she pulls. The fact is some of her schemes are quiet affective and not so little. The problem Linda Ellis has and her new friends have is that there is now a very long history of activism. We have so many heroes that have gone before us and that inspiration is just a click away. I'm talking about real people who really do live what they preach. I've met them. They call me. We talk. We strategize. We tell the truth. Something lost on the "business" of copyright trolling.

One thing most activists have in common is that we have weighed the consequences and most of us will stay in the fight and gather new support with every sneaky attempt at silencing us. The people that are on the frontend of an injustice take the most arrows and are usually forgotten. It won't be April Brown or Matthew Chan or Peter Burwash you remember. It will be another more powerful, monied, connected voice who has the time and resources to monetize, fundraise and live this BS every waking moment - like Linda Ellis does. This is her life. This is what she does. This is who she is. You and I we are different. We actually do something to make the world a safer and freer every minute we are on it. We look to the future.We see the bigger picture. Linda Ellis actually believes that a few words written years ago are worth all the suffering, heartache and financial loss they generate. 

The real legacy of the Dash and Linda Ellis has finally been revealed by her. We're just helping her spread the story.

April Brown