You can't expect this resource to always be here. I too may end up getting silenced. Rest assured we are ready for that day. Make sure you are too. Every word of this resource is cataloged and stored elsewhere. I have no idea how it is done and I have no idea who is doing this for us. You need to take the posts most important to you and copy and paste them to your own websites and blogs so the content and resource is preserved for others. Remember we are at the beginning of the movement and this is historical data for future voices. Never worry about being permanently silenced by the copyright trolls because every single human being has the right to tell the truth and to tell their own stories. As I've said from the beginning - we only deal with the truth here and there's plenty of it.

The trolls are especially active in light of the judgement against Matthew Chan. Linda Ellis is wetting her panties over the possibilities. The facts remain the same. Nothing can change what she does and who she has hurt. Nothing can reverse the lies she told and still tells. 

You can fool some of the frans some of the time, but all the frans all the time? The time will come when there will be a falling away for Linda Ellis and it may be sooner than she thinks.