I said it because it's true. She doesn't care if your momma died, dad died, sister died, or child died. Death is just another opportunity for that stupid Dash poem to be spread by another good person who wants to pay tribute to their loved one. 

Imagine for a moment you are a devoted father, family man and a Baptist minister. Then the unthinkable happens -your daughter succumbs to her mental illness and takes her life. You are inconsolable. Engulfed in shame and failure you lay your beloved daughter to rest. The pain is unbearable. All you want now is for people to know how beautiful she was and her many attributes and gifts she shared during her short and precious life. Much will be said and much will be read during the long and painful farewell service including The Dash poem.

Now imagine the church secretary posts the Dash poem in the church newsletter. The church newsletter is then posted on-line as part of a celebration of  your daughters's life. Copyright troll John W. Jolin finds your post and on behalf of Linda Ellis begins his letter writing campaign. You try to explain. You try to negotiate. You beg for understanding. "But my daughter is dead" you say. But Jolin won't give up. Jolin tries to shame you into paying up. He tells you "You of all people, a man of God, should not condone theft". Jolin has read your credit report. His research shows the church is insured. Experience tells him the Board will worry more about the Baptist Church's reputation than exposing Ellis and this wicked scam. He knows how to shame the religious. He knows how to scare the exhausted and grieving. The combination makes for the perfect victim.

This is all too much, coming so soon after this horrible loss. You feel like you've been kicked in the gut so you decide to ignore the letters. For a short while Jolin appears to have gone away. But then, a letter from the law firm of Kalka and Baer arrives in your inbox with a lawsuit attached, warning that if you don't pay up in 15 days they intend to file the case in Federal Court.  You've lost so much but Kalka & Baer and Linda Ellis don't think you've lost enough. As far as they are concerned you are a thief and you owe them buckets of money for sharing that stupid poisened poem with loved ones. 

Linda Ellis has yet to sue one single innocent infringer.  Kalka & Baer is just another law firm she hopes will do more of her dirty work for her. No other firm has had success collecting for her and Kalka & Baer won't last either. This firm see hundreds of thousands of innocent infringements as a meal ticket. If they snare just one infringer a day they can buy matching Mercedes with the BLOOD  MONEY from our dead relatives. 

Hearse Chasers - the lot of them.