This is an excerpt from Ellis's newest extortion letter:

"There are damages to consider. You used a product that costs money for FREE to promote your website. You unlawfully used a product without permission. We also see that you have been in contact with a previous infringer of Ms. Ellis’ work and anti-copyright advocate Ms. April Brown. Ms. Brown’s comments in her blog that you copied in your email are completely untrue! We in no way pursue individuals of someone whose daughter just died! That is absurd.  I highly recommend you contact an attorney for legal advice. Ms. Brown is not an attorney. She is a vindictive copyright infringer that spews out bad legal advice. Ms. Brown is a Lead Advocate, Contributor and Ambassador to a proven stalker of Ms. Ellis, Mr. Matthew Chan. Ms. Ellis recently received a permanent restraining order against Mr. Chan in March. Mr. Chan has also been accused of additional stalking, child molestation and of being an abuser to women on many other websites. Please see the below link for more information on April Brown and Mr. Chan. I am sure your company would not want to be associated with these type of individuals."  

If what Jolin says is true, why doesn't Jolin provide the proof that "Matthew Chan is a child molestor and abuser of women"? Linda Ellis lied in court - I've proven that - to get a lifetime protection order against Matthew Chan. She's lies in her letters to innocent infringers. She lied to the Marietta Journal. You can read this blog and find the words of people who have lost a family member and been harrassed for years by this lunatic and her family. But to use Matthew and myself to scare people into paying her? Well that is a new low. But then again, one thing we all know about Linda Ellis and John Jolin, she is a desperate broke ass poet with a poem nobody wants to buy but willing to share for nothing. This nothing poet is a nothing person with nothing to offer but extortion.

If you live in any state other than Georgia, ignore her. If you live in Georgia at some point you may want to hire an attorney. Let me know when you are ready and we will fund the attorney for you. If you live outside the US, you are untouchable. 

Remember this: Linda hates me more than her cellulite. She considers me the worst infringer. She tells everyone I stole her stupid poem and that I claim to be the author of that dribble. She's attacked me from every possible angle available to her. She is on her 3rd law firm in 18 months. Wouldn't you think at least one of her attorneys would advise her to sue me? LInda does  not sue. Read up on the ONE lawsuit she ever filed. She won yet never collected ONE PENNY - her words.

Read the details of that case and then ask yourself - Do I have anything in common with ERIC J. ARONSON? By the time you get done studying the Aronson case you will likely feel like I do, Aronson and Ellis deserve each other.