This might sound strange, but I love to hear from people who got their first "official" extortion letter from Linda Ellis and John W. Jolin. The conversation always starts out the same way - "all I did was put it on my blog...".  Next comes the rage, disbelief and disappointment. EVery conversation is laced with disappointment and the focus of that disappointment is Linda Ellis. The religious and Christians have the hardest pill to swallow. People really do believe that Ellis will file a case in Federal Court against them. Of course, we all know that has never happened even though she claims she has made a case against an innocent infringer. She hasn't and seems never will. I liken the threats to the fear of driving off the cliff only to discover you need only to step over a crack in the sidewalk. Linda Ellis is that crack.

From the hits on this blog, I am also aware that loads of people don't call me but simply read through this blog and decide for themselves if what this poet is doing is moral and ethical – especially in light of her image as an inspiring author. My guess is most ignore, ignore, ignore. Others contact Oscar Michelen.

The fact that I am the first person to be proactive and expose her tactics is not surprising. The system is designed to intimidate and the law is not clear as to who is at fault when it comes to sharing content. Have YOU ever seen a campaign warning people not to share content? I haven’t. Content creators believe that it is not possible to educate the public – yet the public seems to be sharing millions of words, photos and videos and those content creators seem to find those “infringers”. The people who share without permission so loved the content and maybe even the creator they felt compelled to share it. Who can count how many websites like Pinterest and Youtube designed with the sharing concept in place. Content creators hate, I mean literally hate people who share without permission. Creators actually beleive everyone should know better. Well, people don't know better. Does anyone think that a family in grief would post that stupid poem in a funeral program and expose themselves to Linda's abuse and attacks? The fact is nobody pays to publish her poem because it is not for sale and only has value after it has been posted unauthorized. Am I the only person who thinks that is yucky?

Which brings me to the hate message of content creators. Just search my  name “April Brown”. Linda and her hellions have created one post blogs making all kinds of claims about me. They hope to intimidate me and they hope to sever friendships and damage my business reputation. The problem with this strategy is that I’m 61. My relationships are founded on those 61 years. If the only thing I do wrong in my life is sharing a stupid poem, then I can live with the collateral damage. So far, there has been none. I’ve only met more warriors and more wonderful people as a result of taking a stand and warning others.


Buck up. Warn others. Ignore the lunatic and spread the message: