Linda Ellis has filed Privacy Complaint on the Dash for Cash and Live Your Cash videos. In 2013 she filed a FALSE DMCA NOTICE on multiple videos on multiple YouTube channels. YouTube found in our favor. She now claims this video violates her privacy because her name is in it. She continues to try to silence her targets and victims so she can continue The Dash Extortion Letter scheme. She continues to harass the community by filing false reports and making false claims about the members. This is a direct quote from the complaint she filed with YouTube: "The information reported as violating privacy is at Repeatedly throughout the video. This person is the partner of my convicted stalker. , My full name, Linda Ellis and information is repeated throughout the harassing, malicious video. This person has already made threats against me that were used in court to obtain a  permanent protective order against her partner/team member/associate." (typos are Linda's)

MY ANSWER 1) I am not a partnership with anyone 2) The video is a factual account of a factual series of events perpetuated by Linda Ellis 3) All claims made in this video are factual - notice she does not dispute the facts, just that her name is associated with them 4) No record or evidence exists that I have ever harassed anyone, including Linda Ellis 5) Linda Ellis filed 3 FALSE DMCA NOTICES on my YouTube accounts and lied in those complaints 6) YouTube found this video to be in compliance 7) The case referenced above is currently on appeal. A large library of legal documents about the case can be publicly viewed on Consult the Beware Don't Share blog for more information

Can't get much sadder than Linda Ellis right now. She's run out of options having used up all her Jokers last year. A big fat pat on the back to us! We have put a big dent in the gravy train, exposed her scheme to tens of thousands of people, made documents available proving the deceptive practices of both Ellis and John W. Jolin. I highly recommend that you take the time to read through these and then search for more. There is a ton of information available on the Dash Extortion scheme. Don't be a fool. Wise up and speak up.