Linda Ellis asked me to share her latest FB post. I'm happy to do that. It's at the bottom of this response along with her FB friends response.

As typical of Linda she projects her anger and rage on to those of us who report on her behavior. If she wants to be truthful and transparent, then she needs to come clean with her extortion scheme. If she wants her prayers for me to be heard, she needs to repent and confess. The very notion that she prays for someone she continually lies about is classic Linda Ellis FB marketing.

She needs to apologize to the hundreds upon hundreds of people she has harmed. She needs to return the money she has scared people into paying her. She needs to start telling the truth. The fact is this - when one of her fans shares The Dash she accuses them of plagiarism, theft and copyright infringement. She even tells people I claim I wrote that dribble. She needs to confess that she sent me ( and hundreds of other innocents ) that stupid poem in an email using the Tell-a-Friend form with no warning NOT to share it. This is how she snares many of her victims. Ellis is a copyright troll through and through.

Now to answer your personal invitation Linda - I share your FB posts because your words reveal you. Your words don't scare me. I don't ever alter them. I share them exactly as written. I want people to know you as we do. Frightened and Insecure. You are legally impotent and more importantly, the law does not support you and your actions nor do the courts.

You complain of having regrets, but never apologize. You claim people tell lies about you and are trying to destroy you with those lies but you never rebut these so-called lies with truth. You claim you are being "cyber stalked", yet it's you who created slander websites and continue to repeatedly post an essay that is nearly 100% false. You lied about Matthew Chan and nearly all of the facts you used to falsely charge him with stalking. You then lied about the Georgia Supreme Court ruling that vindicated him.You lied about anyone who stands up against your foolishness. You keep claiming my neighbors took out a protection order against me. You claim I wiretapped a police officer. That's a Federal Crime. You claim the charity I operate is a front for tax fraud. Post everything you claim you have. I want to be investigated.

Do you wonder why nothing you say about me sticks? What seems to be lost on you is that you can't fool all the people all the time. Those of us who are your targets are surrounded by witnesses to who we are and how we live. This is why your lies about me have never gotten ANY traction. You can't rewrite my life.

I wrote a book about what you did to me and continue to do to others. Why don't you tell your readers what I've lied about in Poetic Justice? We both know that I've spoken the truth from day one. You on the other hand, manufactured evidence, lied to your attorney and the courts and continue to lie about me, Matthew Chan and even the Supreme Court Judges.

Why don't you tell your readers who actually wrote The Dash? Tell them how you altered the words and copyrighted it 2 years later. Tell the truth.

You've made so many mistakes and continue to try to perfume the rotten. You must know that you have completely destroyed any notion of being an inspirational author. You are persona non grata to your peers. You've lost more than just extortion money over the past four years. When will you wake up and realize that you've lost the fight? You can't erase or pray away what you've done. Shame and fear are no longer potent. You have been disarmed by the truth and hundreds of witnesses.

I told you that when you stopped sending letters, I will stop reporting. Four victims in 2 weeks!! Another grieving family!! Another Preacher!! Another business owner!! Everyone of these targets had your name and a link to your website included with the poem. You think they owe you $7500 for damages because they were inspired to share The Dash with others? They didn't sell it. They didn't steal it. They regret the day that you sent it to them. They know who you are now. They are live witnesses in letter after letter after letter YOU continue to send.

I don't hate you nor have I ever. In fact, I should thank you. Because of your harassment, I wrote and published a book filled with evidence you can't deny. Because of your false accusations and charges against an innocent man, I met and collaborated with some of the most powerful legal minds in the United States. Because of your arrogance, I am befriended by some of your followers and victims. Many will be lifelong friends. Because of your hypocrisy my reporting is elevated. Many of your followers have now met some of the people you send extortion letters too. Those former fans now support your victims. You haven't gotten one red cent of my money and I've kept you from getting money from 224 people. I'm proud of that. Nobody feels sorry for you. The end of your extortion business will come.

Painting yourself as a victim is useless. Your emptiness is palpable. Every time you post something ridiculous you send more of your fans my way to investigate your accusations. The truth speaks for itself. Lay awake and think about that for awhile.

Now return the favor and SHARE my unedited response on your Facebook page.


October 10 at 4:48pm

To my cyberstalker: I am told that you continue to add your animosity to the inspirations I share, so please share this on your page as well: I pray for you...for you to find something, someone in your life that will fill the space in your heart where the hate for me resides. I wish you love. Because love is really the only thing that can turn the anger you feel around...I wish you love.

    • Lucia LiljegrenYour supposedly a stalker? In what world would a sane person who is actually being stalked send a message to her "stalker" at all? And ask the "stalker" the favor? Of circulating her message?
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      •  She did the same thing with Matthew Chan. Linda Ellis begs for attention - even if it's from the people she harasses.
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      • DefiantlyIt does seem odd that she is now referring to you as her "cyberstalker". You sit on your website and Facebook page as you are perfectly allowed to and state your opinions and positions but because you are persistent, you are "stalking". Give me a break...See More
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      • Thomas Edward Meadows Sr.I see on her page she posts what is supportive. To think that you are a vicious stalker harrassing a lady on the high road. Well that road must be the "broad" road mentioned in the Bible. No pun intended. Thanks for standing in the gap for many of us and saving us the money that is intended for the good will of other.
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      • Robert Sloopy KrausankasShe's pathetic, it's all about the money to her, she can't sell her crap, is unemployed ( maybe even unemployable). I don't have a problem with her "enforcing" or protecting her copyright, it's the manner in which she does it, that crosses the line for...See More
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      • Cindy Patterson-MalinowskiGood thing she only sounded like a Beatle song and didn't quote one. Hahaha
      • She's pathetic. And lies pretty convincingly too. Seems to come natural for her
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UPDATE: IN 2017 Linda Ellis sold the copyright for The Dash to Mac Anderson, a wealthy publisher and author. If you paid off Linda Ellis, share your story of abuse and harassment and request a refund of extorted monies paid to Linda Ellis.  Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths.

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