LInda is really revved up the pity party. Too bad she doesn't feel for her targets. She just lost four more settlements due to our diligence and reporting. I thought you might like to read this pity post she just put up. This essay about 2 years old and she keeps reposting it believing that people buy this line of crap. If only her extortion campaign targeted just me, then she might have a point. She can't erase her victims. They connect with us every time she sends a letter. Without those letters we would have no idea who she is targeting. When she Stops sending letters, pays back her victims and we will stop reporting on The Dash Extortion Scheme.

3 hrs · 
About Copyright,
The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis Copyright
I do, as the author, Linda Ellis love to share my my books, on my website, and on my blog. I ask if anyone wishes to share my inspirations (which I hope you do) with friends and family that you use the means we have installed on each...the share buttons. This way the work stays where it belongs and can still be shared with others through a link. As always, I love for any of my work to be recited anywhere at any time.
Send all copyright questions and issues to us directly. 
We will answer fairly and amicably, as we have for almost 20 years.

Unfortunately, due to a diligent, obsessive cyberstalker posting dangerous and frightening slander, we have received negative publicity online regarding our copyrighted protection program. One woman, whose own neighbors have sought protection orders against her, began a campaign of hate and destruction that eventually escalated into threats, lawyers, a Permanent Protective Order and other unnecessary and ugly scenarios. She was even researched after secretly videotaping a police officer after a formal complaint was filed against her. As a direct result of her damaging behavior, we have extended our copyright protection efforts.
To illustrate the caliber of her character, this woman found a likeminded individual to join her campaign of mistruths and false allegations. Her "team member" is seen HERE (language warning). It's really sad that the Internet has given people like this a platform to spread vile lies and negativity.

Apparently, she believes those of us who create original works should freely share these creations with no claims of ownership or value, with no permission granted or payment made of any kind. Furthermore...musicians, songwriters and movie producers should offer their creations without requiring permission, without having any say over where, when or how the work is distributed, and without receiving renumeration of any kind. Yet, ask her to share what she makes, what she does, her own talents and skills, her livelihood with the world without permission or payment, and you can guess the answer.

Of course, she does not rely on her original intellectual creations for her own livelihood. She has nothing invested, and does not understand the need to protect the valuable asset that is intellectual property. In business class in school, the teachers used the example of "widgets." A widget was an imaginary product manufactured by an imaginary company. Widgets were marketed and sold in this mock scenario to teach us about the give and take aspects of a free market. Of course, these widgets held their value and made a profit because they were created before the arrival of the Internet...

With the expansion of the Internet over the years, many intellectual property owners have watched the devaluation of their products. If you saw a "widget" in a store, a product which the store owner produces, markets and sells, and you took that widget and shared it with hundreds of thousands without permission, without making any payment, that would be considered theft. There would be repercussions for your actions, including payment to the store owner and further penalties for freely giving his product to others. This is because you had taken that which does not belong to you without permission or making required payment. Perhaps, for some reason, you did not know it was the store owner's property -- that still didn't give you the right to take it without permission and further disseminate it to potentially hundreds of thousands. You may believe you are innocent -- that you didn't know the widget had a creator. However, if something exists...someone, somewhere had to create it...wouldn't you agree? The fact that you may not have considered the creator of the product you took without permission, does not change the circumstances, or minimize the damage your actions have caused.

Copyright is the law. It was created to protect the works of those of us who do create...the painters, the musicians, the photographers, the authors, and the poets. Unfortunately, today copyright laws are disrespected and ignored, if ever acknowledged at all. The Internet has the capability to turn what was once a valued inspiration, as well as someone's product, into a public domain product, altered from its original version. Eventually, its value is diminished and its original form is altered and diluted. The creator slowly loses the integrity of his/her original inspiration. Mr. John Jolin works with me to negotiate fair agreements for unauthorized use and distribution of my copyright work, most frequently, The Dash poem.

In this age of cyberspace, we are all prey to those who know how to tarnish a reputation using their most powerful weapon, their keyboard. I have learned that it doesn't matter. I know who I am. I know what is in my heart. I am completely open about my copyright enforcement policy. I urge people to read and understand the laws of copyright. I work to prevent my creations from falling into public domain, and that is my right, ethically and legally. My adversary has created ludicrous "memes" and distortions of my image to accompany the slander, untrue allegations and defamation that only exemplify her lack of professionalism and desperation. I know why I have to protect my work and I will continue to do so, despite her obsessive (and often frightening) behavior.
I am simply an author and a poet, growing my brand and trying to inspire people daily. ~Linda Ellis

Yvette Penelope Vega
Yvette Penelope Vega I am so sorry your going through this, I did see a you tube Video about you, but anyone that maliciously would do that comes across as crazy and desperate. Hang in there sister sending love and light to you.

1 · 36 mins
Linda Ellis - AUTHOR, SPEAKER, POET Yvette Penelope Vega - Thank you so much, Yvette! Crazy and desperate is the perfect description! But karma steps in! wink emoticon

1 · 30 mins · Edited
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Diana Dee Croucher-Jones
Diana Dee Croucher-Jones Well said Linda and I am so very sorry to see that you are having these horrendous problems. Sending you a huge hug! I agree with every word you say. I will always promote your beautiful work and thank you for creating it. Stay positive my dear friend. It can be a sad/mad world but thank God for those like you who continue to shine a light in it xxxxxxxxxxxxxx heart emoticon

3 · 3 hrs
Linda Ellis - AUTHOR, SPEAKER, POET Diana Dee Croucher-Jones - and thank God for people like you as well. Great minds think alike, no? wink emoticon

1 · 3 hrs
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Barb Hildebrand
Barb Hildebrand It is disgraceful how many infringe copyright and go on the defensive or in your case, the offensive when they are the ones doing something illegal. I go out of my way to search out original creators of these amazing works whether it be a poem, photo, ...See More

1 · 1 hr
Jay Sappenfield
Jay Sappenfield I know for me personally, every time I came to you and asked to use a writing of yours, you were always gracious and happily shared your work, and I thank you for that.

3 · 2 hrs
Sandra Sakarias Erickson
Sandra Sakarias Erickson Copyright laws exist for a reason...a very important one. Thank-you, Linda, for all of your beautiful work. It comforts and inspires to no end.... We are grateful...

2 · 3 hrs
Mark Burek
Mark Burek I wholeheartedly agree with you.

2 · 1 hr
Doe Zantamata
Doe Zantamata If a person loves an author's work they should support the author, not steal the work. It's not flattery to do so. It's sad that by standing up for your work -- a part of your life -- you've been attacked. I have seen it in everything from FB posts to ...See More

2 · 1 hr
Tina F. Gray
Tina F. Gray We have your back, Linda Ellis - AUTHOR, SPEAKER, POET!!!!
1 · 2 hrs

UPDATE: IN 2017 Linda Ellis sold the copyright for The Dash to Mac Anderson, a wealthy publisher and author. If you paid off Linda Ellis, share your story of abuse and harassment and request a refund of extorted monies paid to Linda Ellis.  Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths.

"The Dash is a Very Popular Funeral Poem. Read it Now and See Why...

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