Linda Ellis Author, Speaker Poet Tries to Silence Critics


Sometimes you think there is no silver lining in the troll fighting business, but there always seems to be an upside after Ellis and Jolin pull a dirty trick. Well there is an upside to their recent hacking of my website. All of the blog posts have been recovered but will not be posted on Squarespace at this time. Instead they are being posted on multiple platforms across the Internet as insurance against future assaults.

One would think that Linda Ellis would pause and look back over past attempts to silence me. I always come back stronger and with better weapons and more support from her targets and victims. Ellis's victories are short lived and expose her constant fear of discovery. She's one frightened little Georgia housewife troll. Me thinks this latest attack was spurred by the outrage and backlash from the parents and teachers in Marietta I've been reporting on. Only Linda Ellis thinks she can get away with accusing a school teacher of infringement in her own home town. Not the brightest bulb on the planet.

IN 2017 Linda Ellis sold the copyright for The Dash to Mac Anderson, a wealthy publisher and author. If you paid off Linda Ellis, share your story of abuse and harassment and request a refund of extorted monies paid to Linda Ellis.  Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths.

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