Author Linda Ellis wants your opinions!

It was just brought to my attention, that Linda Ellis is continuing to distort FACT about the recent turn of events regarding the Georgia Supreme Court reversal. She just post this on her Facebook feed a couple of hours ago:


Many of you know that I had received a Permanent Protection Order against a man named Matthew Chan of Columbus, GA. He appealed it and it went to the GA Supreme Court! They made a decision last week to reverse the judge’s order. They said it infringed upon his free speech. Below are examples of (the thousands) of his posts that caused me to seek protection.

MAY I ASK YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS? Many of these posts were titled: “An Open Letter to Linda Ellis” or began with “Hi Linda.” Obviously directed to me.

And here is more of his hate in action: LANGUAGE WARNING

He said he was talking to people who “want to put me in the ground.”

“If anyone knows how I operate, this is no bluff.”

“It may be too late after a certain threshold is crossed.”

“I won’t elaborate on what I might be capable of and I don’t ever want anyone to push me too far.”

He claimed my family and friends would be “collateral” damage to what he would be doing to me.