And you thought you were mad. Here are 2 episodes from the first person to go public with The Dash extortion letter scheme.

"Once again, another super-fantastic episode of RadioFreeG is available for your listening pleasure! 
LINda Ellis, LinDA Ellis, Linda ELLis, LINDA ELLIS!! Why does this name keep coming up when I make a new show? RadioFreeG Episode 37 deals with my continued attempts to enlighten the WORLD about how this person conducts business.

Yet another email has come to my attention stating Ms. Ellis is once again HARASSING some poor soul that had the misfortune of admiring a piece of poetry and did not have the chance to properly credit the author and give credit where it is due. 

I take Ellis Corp. to task and ask for some recognition of my own! (To document the history of this show, please see the links to prior episodes at the bottom of this post. Also, check out while listening to this episode to see why Ms. Ellis should take some of her own advice when it comes to doling out recognition!) Host of RadioFreeG

Episode 28  Episode 37