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When your wife dies the last person you want to deal with is a copyright troll and the sudden death of a loved one makes the ordeal even worse. As the surviving spouse, your life is forever changed. No more morning coffee together or comforting touches or reassuring glances and secrets only the two of you hold. Death is tough and grieving is tougher.

Now imagine that just a few months after your wife passes, a well-known copyright troll demands $7500 from you for “stealing intellectual property”. Worse the troll sends one frightening letter after another with the hope that you will give up and pay up before you find this blog and benefit from my advice and support.

John W. Jolin is the Copyright Representative for Linda Ellis, the owner of the copyright to The Dash poem and Linda’s Lyrics. Although the poet claims she has never demanded money from grieving families, the evidence in her own words proves just the opposite.  In February of 2015 she launched two websites in an attempt to discredit members of the anti-copyright troll movement and again denied she has ever asked grieving families for money while actively demanding payoffs from families of the dying and dead.  Ellis used the Linda Logic and Just Free Speech Home page websites to renounce the charges made by her victims and dissenters. Lindalogic.com and Just Free Speech were removed after a few months. Ellis made wild accusations against Matthew Chan, myself and others and dirty the release of the tell-all book Poetic Justice, the True Story Behind the Dash and One Victim’s Mission to End Copyright Trolling and Abuse.

The facts are this: grieving families, funeral homes and death industry professionals are still some of her most sought after targets. I know of over 50 people who shared the Dash as result of someone dying. John Jolin and Linda Ellis can’t deny they know the person they are extorting money from is grieving because The Dash poem is posted as a tribute to the expired person. Yet if you asked Linda today, she would continue to deny she has demanded money from grieving families.

Fortunately exposing the Dash Poem extortion scheme has reduced, if not entirely eliminated the once lucrative flow of money from the funeral industry, but grieving families and friends are oblivious to the threat. Many innocently share The Dash because Linda Ellis's marketing method includes unsoliticited emails from her actually asking people to share the poem freely. When they post The Dash poem, John W. Jolin launches a relentless and harassing email campaign. Sadly, the grieving are unaware of the scheme behind the promotion of The Dash and accept the image of Linda Ellis as a Christian author. Some of her targets try to convince Ellis they meant no harm only to find that initial contact unleashes a string of intimidating emails from Jolin. The lesson learned is to never communicate with Ellis or Jolin and forward all your emails to my email address. We collect that information for the State's Attorney Generals.

Ellis’ targets and victims are real people. The uncle whose niece died in a horseback riding accident, the many widows and widowers who shared The Dash in a funeral program or website, and the young mother who just buried a child. Many charities have honored the passing of an influential director, valued volunteer or service recipient by sharing The Dash. Even a pastor’s wife and 911 victims’ family are still being harassed by Ellis for money. Linda Ellis targets any person of any age, race, creed and color no matter the reason for sharing The Dash unless that person is a celebrity. She has no concern for her reputation or brand. If I had not experienced her actions or known her victims, I would agree, The Dash Extortion Scheme does seem unbelievable.

Although Linda Ellis is quick to punish the unrecognizable fans she is even quicker to exploit the personalities who share The Dash in a public forum. Senator Bob Dole read The Dash on C-Span, American Idol Winner David Cook tattooed The Dash on his arm, and Robin Leach read The Dash at Rene’ Angelil’s funeral without crediting the author. Yet, Linda Ellis has never charged any of these notables with copyright infringement. Instead she uses these free public displays to market The Dash products. It’s no wonder the public is confused by her contradictions. “Share The Dash but now that you have I want $7500!” Even harder to grasp is the nasty attacks on the very people who were once Dash Poem fans. Election season or not, this is not what most people consider a Christian mind-set.

Imagine for a moment you are the loving wife, mother, sister, daughter and grandmother who passes. Now imagine your friends put together a special service honoring your life.  One of these wonderful people include The Dash poem in a program, on a blog or video tape it as your brother reads it before your friends. Now imagine that days or even year’s later a member of your family, or someone from the charity she volunteer for, or the pastor of her church is then accused of copyright infringement and threatened with Federal charges and a fine of $150,000.  This is the nightmare legacy of The Dash poem. This is why people are angry at Linda Ellis and John W. Jolin. This is why they stopped buying her books, jewelry, posters and plagues.

The Dash Poem exhorts us to live our dash yet Ellis is unmoved by the words and unable to live a life of integrity and respectability. Ethics are lost on Linda Ellis. The Dash Extortion Scheme has been around since she copyrighted the poem.  She's spent almost two decades terrorizing innocent infringers and earned more than a million dollars in extortion payoffs (her claim not mine).

We scratch our heads in disgust.

IN 2017 Linda Ellis sold the copyright for The Dash to Mac Anderson, a wealthy publisher and author. If you paid off Linda Ellis, share your story of abuse and harassment and request a refund of extorted monies paid to Linda Ellis.  Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths.

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