HOW TO FIGHT A COPYRIGHT TROLL - Tell Your Story and Prevent More Victims


It’s not easy taking on the role of activist. I can imagine that anyone who has crossed an injustice that needs righted finds that the initial thrill and empowerment wanes after a few months and if their lucky the zeal might last years. I have been working to ending copyright bullying after crossing paths with the now infamous copyright troll Linda Ellis. I credit myself for leading the way, and others for following and often taking the lead as I learn from them.  I’m fortunate in that I have felt very little discomfort as “my” copyright troll bombards me with one ridiculous attack after another.  Yet, the Poet Troll has been my teacher while she swipes and postures. So far the only financial harm was my choice. I decided to write a book. I told my story and the story of many victims and that process cost me about the price a year at Washington State University costs. I venture to say I learned more from writing my book, Poetic Justice, than I would have sitting in a classroom being told what a copyright troll is and how they harm society.

I had no idea that when on January 2, 2012, I decided to expose the abuse and harassment I had experienced online, that I would be sitting in front my computer, four years later still helping other targets and victims fight back and hold on to their money.  And I have made a difference. More than 250 people refused to pay an extortion fee to Linda Ellis and she has not retaliated. She's legally impotent and morally corrupt and she doesn't want her targets to find out just how much the courts hate copyright trolls. She hasn’t sued anyone but she hasn’t stop sending extortion letters either. Linda Ellis is invinsible as long as she stays out of courtroom.

If you don’t know what copyright trolling is, you aren’t the only one. Most people find out after sharing a photo or video without permission. Most content creators tell the offending party to remove the content and that is usually the end of the story, but third parties, like Getty Images who represents copyrighted photos for artists has made hundreds of millions of dollars just scaring the bejesus out of people. Getty Images is known as an aggressive copyright troll and there are thousands of dissenters and hundreds of articles mentioning their intimidating practices. Linda Ellis is like many other copyright trolls who seeds the Internet with content hoping it will be shared so she can make the claim of copyright infringement. Linda Ellis even has a marketing campaign called the Tell-a-Friend form and sends the poem directly to your inbox. Then she waits for you to post The Dash on a blog, use it in a newsletter or funeral program or video tape it being recited. When she receives a Google alert linking to your post, she has a friend send one frightening letter after another demanding payment. His name is John W. Jolin. Her hope is that the offender will begin negotiating for a lower settlement. This week she accused a business coach of copyright infringement and lowered her fee from $7500 to $500. The person paid through PayPal and then contacted me with regrets.

I get really annoyed with Linda’s targets. Even after they realize they have been duped and that sharing a poem on a blog is NOT copyright infringement, they still feel ashamed and embarrassed and some still try to talk Linda Ellis out of going after them. Never mind that Linda Ellis has never sued anyone and that attorneys, judges, and members of her own family have rebuked the evidence of her unscrupulous behavior. Her victims's won't go public or even tell their own supporters and followers. I'ts because of that silence her trolling operation continues to thrive. Why won't they shout from the rooftops they are being targeted? Cowardice is my answer. If every target and victim told their story The Dash Extortion Scheme would come to an end in a matter of weeks, maybe even days. But people are afraid that they just might be the one Linda Ellis sues. They can’t get their mind around the image of Ellis as a Christian author and they don’t want to speak against her. They read the copyright law and make the self-determination that sharing a poem can be considered copyright infringement, yet no one has ever been sued or prosecuted for sharing a poem on a blog. The intent of the copyright law is not to stop sharing but to stop the selling and appropriation of another’s content. Considering that even Judges share unauthorized content, Ellis does not have a sympathetic legal audience nor does the general public agree with the practice of copyright trolling. Ellis is doomed if she ever sets foot in a courtroom. Ellis wants to scare a settlement out of her fans not get embroiled in a legal battle. She doesn’t care about her image and she doesn’t care if she sells books, trinkets or posters. One settlement is equal to selling more than 150 books, 500 bookmarks and hundreds of posters. Which do you think is easier and more lucrative? By copyright trolling or selling Live Your Dash paraphernalia?

Seems the next logical question is “why hasn’t Linda Ellis sued April Brown?” Because Linda Ellis has no Cause and no case. She simply cannot refute the hundreds of extortion letters, taped interviews, court records, video recordings, screen captures, and eye witness testimony. Linda’s own words, actions and the bodies strewn through out her past reveal the truth about how she leads her life and whom she has hurt along the way. If she were to sue me everything will be a matter of court records and the national media would surely take notice. So far Linda Ellis has had very little media exposure and very few victims have taken a stand against the practice.

Don’t let her play you for a fool. Tell your story and help us prevent more victims.

Courage. Do you have it?

IN 2017 Linda Ellis sold the copyright for The Dash to Mac Anderson, a wealthy publisher and author. If you paid off Linda Ellis, share your story of abuse and harassment and request a refund of extorted monies paid to Linda Ellis.  Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths.

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