Linda Ellis Copyright - Former Attorney Runs for the Hills!

Linda Ellis has edited and reposted My Stalking Story for the umpteenth time as part of her campaign to paint herself as a victim of her victims. Weird I know but failure seems to be her only option these days. In this excerpt she sticks with the storyline that Getty Imgaes Attorney Timothy McCormack essentially saved her. The truth is Timothy McCormack assisted Ellis in altering evidence that was presented to the Georgia Supreme Court. The whole truth about Timothy McCormack can be found at 

Where is Timothy McCormack today? He's growing pot legally in Eastern Washington. We surmise he was publicly mortified after the Georgia Supreme Court hearing and the embarrassing loss. Not a peep out of the guy since he aligned himself with Linda Ellis the famous Poet Troll. Linda Ellis had hoped to publish a book with McCormack and got as far as the book cover. Timmy published his own book about copyright without her. Nobody seems to want to co-author a book with Ellis and the one author who did - Mac Anderson - has remained silent about Ellis's trolling operation. In fact, the book he coauthored with Linda does not appear in his search results. I guess those are a couple of key words he'd like to forget.

Excerpt from My Stalking Story by Linda Ellis - copyright troll.

"I Googled Timothy B. McCormack - Attorney at Law, as most of us do these days when we make a new acquaintance.  I discovered that Tim had been previously victimized by the same group my stalker had founded because he is an attorney for the largest royalty stock company in the world.  He defends the company’s rights when their stock images are misappropriated and distributed without authorization and applicable payment.  As mentioned, my stalker had founded this group based on harassing and intimidating those who seek monetary remuneration for use of their protected creative works.  Tim, by doing his job, had stepped directly into this path of evil-doers.

It was disheartening to read the malicious slander and foolish “memes” that were created about Tim and posted on-line by our mutual foes. The optimist in me searched in vain for reason in the nonsensical slurs they had hurled at this well-respected and educated gentleman.  I reached out to him, a total stranger, because we had something in common – harassment by the same group of individuals -- and I needed guidance.  Shock and elation were my reactions when he responded to my email and offered his help.  Instantly, I felt less alone in my predicament.  Looking back, if all that was received from Tim McCormack was that initial reply, I would have been grateful.  However, he and his associates helped more than anyone could have anticipated, legally and emotionally. Tim would prove to be not only a fellow victim and legal ally, but also a shining example for me to follow having already endured this wickedness with dignity and maturity.  He offered his help and we both knew then I would be turning to him again in the months to come.  At the time however, he was my only knowledgeable ally and he was 2,000 miles away, thus able to provide only long-distance support.

Timothy McCormack and Linda Ellis teamed up with the intention of silencing meand Matthew Chan. After fouryears of constant harassment both copyright trolls admittedly have lost the battle and the war.

IN 2017 Linda Ellis sold the copyright for The Dash to Mac Anderson, a wealthy publisher and author. If you paid off Linda Ellis, share your story of abuse and harassment and request a refund of extorted monies paid to Linda Ellis.  Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths.

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