Linda Ellis Copyright - Author, Speaker, Poet Launches Memorial Day Smear Campaign

The carnival's is in town. Linda Ellis crawled out from under the troll bridge to launch her latest Google Adwords campaign. Search April Brown Auctioneer and see for yourself. Click through and read the rehash of the campaign she used to intimidate me to not publish Poetic Justice. I published the book and based on the sales, few people care about Linda Ellis and copyright trolling...until it happens to them. I hoped that the public and media would catch on without my having to promote the injustice, but that has not happened. But one thing I can always count on is that Linda Ellis always gives me something to expose and write about.

Today she posted this:

Linda Ellis - Author - The Dash Authorities don't care -- even when she posted a video of a hearse song with the words: "you will be the next to die" along with her words "we are coming to get you Linda Ellis." Has to be specific threats I'm told. But she scares me. If anything happens to me, at least authorities will know who to investigate! The Internet brings forth some unstable, scary individuals!

The first thing you have to notice is that she does not post the actual video of The Hearse Song or the words she claims I wrote. If you followed the Matthew Chan appeal you will remember Ellis's used The Hearse Song in her claim of stalking and harassment against Matthew Chan. She won in the lower court and the decision was overturned on appeal by the Supreme Court. This is a nearly identical post she made after the Georgia Supreme Court hearing when she was exposed for lying, manufacturing evidence, and lying about the video she mentioned above. If you dare watch the entire Georgia Supreme Court hearing you will notice the judges laughing when Ellis claimed that The Hearse Song by Harley Poe was a death threat. The Hearse song is the theme song of this Beware Don't Share because ETHE DASH IS A FUNERAL POEM. And because she demands $7500 from the sick and dying and the dead's relatives when they use The Dash in a funeral program.

Don't forget to click on Google Adword campaign.

If I am stalking Linda Ellis as she claims and if she is scared, why does she post on FB and send me the links to her posts? Why does she buy "April Brown Auctioneer" and run Google AdWords campaigns claiming she's ready to "fight fire with fire". If she genuinely wants to fight back then she needs to do what I do-

tell the truth and post the evidence.


IN 2017 Linda Ellis sold the copyright for The Dash to Mac Anderson, a wealthy publisher and author. If you paid off Linda Ellis, share your story of abuse and harassment and request a refund of extorted monies paid to Linda Ellis.  Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths.

"The Dash is a Very Popular Funeral Poem. Read it Now and See Why...

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