Badly Behaving Author - Linda Ellis Trumps AK Rowling

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I recently read this article in The Huffington Post "14 Authors Behaving Badly", and instantly thought, "they haven't met Linda Ellis".  The article begins with this - "Writers are certainly not stereotyped as being the easiest people to work with, and it’s no secret that many are outspoken about their political opinions. Combine this with the fact that many of them think they’re the most important thing that has ever happened to humanity, and you get less-than-admirable behavior." Bingo. This is exactly how Linda Ellis feels about The Dash poem and her "legacy". Her words not mine. 

Linda Ellis claims that her bad behavior is fair. She's only trying very hard to keep a poem that as been shared a million times as "anonymous" and "author unknown" and with no attribution whatsoever from becoming a Public Domain piece of literature. Her scorched earth methods invoke the Streisand effect. Her self-proclaimed legacy as the "author of The Dash" and "inspiring Christian author" has been obliterated by her nasty, unethical and unlawful tactics for silencing her critics. And does Linda Ellis ever have critics. Granted, I am her most vocal and I am also the most informed. I've been investigating Linda Ellis' extortion scheme for five years.

It never occurred to me I would become an investigative reporter. I simply shared a poem and became trapped in a seedy copyright trolling scheme and felt strongly that it was unjust. I credit the author for how all this all came about. Linda Ellis sent me The Dash in an email and I copied it and posted it on my blog. She got my email from a data collection form called "Tell-a-Friend". I surmise one of my clients put my name on the list. I assumed she wanted me to share it, so I did, not knowing I had been phished. I fell for the ruse hook, line and sinker. Problem is Ellis hooked a piranha. I bite back.

Ellis failed to research who I am before sending that letter. If she had she would have discovered that my client base is made up of the very people she targets. They are my people! Small business owners, religious organizations, foundations and people who like to post inspirational content. And grieving families. Seriously. Linda Ellis demands money from people who share The Dash in funeral programs and on websites that honor the dead. Really good people. They aren't liars or thieves and they don't plagiarize or infringe on copyrights. Like me, they appreciate and share poetry now and then. Some probably bought The Dash book and were once her readers. Some were fans but no more. Ellis' really bad behavior turned that following from inspired to fired up with a little pity thrown in. Why pity? Maybe, just maybe, something is wrong with Ellis. It is impossible to understand why any author would do what Linda Ellis does.

I'm just one of many people who blog about Linda Ellis. Search "Linda Ellis Copyright" and "Linda Ellis Copyright Troll" and read for yourself. Many have written in depth about her antics. One of her targets fought her all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court and won. The rest of us endure this porcupine and report and post the evidence of her wrong doings. That reporting is why Ellis is so enraged. Until I came along she had effectively silenced all her victims with a confidentiality agreement. I refused to settle so I never signed one. I am not a victim of Linda Ellis.

Linda Ellis suffers from author envy. She wants to be known as another Mac Anderson - a very successful author and damn good looking to boot.  But Linda Ellis is no Mac Anderson. Mac Anderson is the founder of Simple Truths and Successories, Inc. He is also a highly successful businessman and marketing giant. He has authored and co-authored twenty-five books, one with Ellis called what else? The Dash. His books have sold more than four million copies. This guy is no dope. And he's certainly not the kind of person that would risk his empire over someone sharing a page out of one of his books. And he has never come to Ellis' defense. 

When it comes to author's behaving badly, there are plenty of stories to read. Crime novelist Steve Mosby is getting slapped around on Jeremy Duns on Visit Good Reads  and catch up on the hoopla. Apparently there are lots of authors who can't stand criticism and threaten to sue their readers over the slightest pinch of disapproval. Ellis is a category all by herself. She is the only poet who encourages her readers to share her poetry and when they do, she demands financial damages or as of late a "retroactive licensing fee". I happen to think thats about as smarmy as a person can get, let alone an author who claims to be a Christian.  She also claims not to be a copyright troll while sending hundreds if not thousands of letters demanding $7500 in damages for a 79 cent poem. Yes. She used to sell it for $79 for a hundred printed copies.

By now you must be dying to know what the hell has Linda Ellis done since I began reporting on her scandalous behavior. Behavior that continues to this day.

  1. Filed copyright strikes (FALSE DMCA NOTICES) on my Youtube Channels
  2. Repeatedly contacted my husband
  3. Contacted my husband's employer
  4. Contacted my neighbors
  5. Bought Google Ads with my name and my company's name. When the ads are clicked on the link goes to a blog on www dot linda ellis dot net and an essay about what a lying thieving horrible person I am.
  6. Created libel website
  7. Created libel website
  8. Claims I wiretapped a police officer
  9. Claims I've been arrested for Stalking and Harassment
  10. Claims I'm under a Protection Order
  11. Contacted my clients
  12. Claims I perform obscene acts
  13. Claims I plagiarized her work
  14. Claims I pretend to be her
  15. Filed copyright strikes (FALSE DMCA NOTICES) on my Vimeo account
  16. Filed copyright strikes (FALSE DMCA NOTICES) on my Squarespace account
  17. Contacts my clients and tells them I shouldn't be around children
  18. Had a registered sex offender harass me
  19. Encourages her Facebook followers to harass me
  20. Claims I disrespect the military based on a 30 year old comedy routine. I was a standup in another life.
  21. Claims I'm a vulgar liar

The details of these antics and the evidence is easily found on,,,,,,,, And for the heck of it, visit her Facebook and website and read for yourself. It's sad to see how easily Christians are duped. 

I realize The Huffington Post article lists the bad behavior of famous authors - including JK Rowling. Ellis is not in that league like I'm no Bob Woodward. But none of those authors comes close to the abuse Ellis metes out. She's harsh. She's cruel. She lies. And what she does is wrong.


The Three D0's

Do Not Respond

Do Not Be Afraid

Do Tell The World


If you have been a victim of Linda Ellis and want to share your story of abuse and harassment, Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths below.
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