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Linda Ellis Copyright - Former Attorney Runs for the Hills!

Linda Ellis has edited and reposted My Stalking Story for the umpteenth time as part of her campaign to paint herself as a victim of her victims. Weird I know but failure seems to be her only option these days. In this excerpt she sticks with the storyline that Getty Imgaes Attorney Timothy McCormack essentially saved her. The truth is Timothy McCormack assisted Ellis in altering evidence that was presented to the Georgia Supreme Court.

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Linda Ellis Copyright - What We Know About The Dash Poet by April Brown Auctioneer

It’s not hard to imagine what it must be like to be Linda Ellis. She’s shared her paranoid fears and grandiose thoughts with us for four years now. We know her poetry and writings are fraught with worries and fears. We know she’s melodramatic. We know she craves attention.

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Linda Ellis Copyright Troll Sends Out Extortion Letters on Easter Sunday to Religious Leaders

Remember Linda Ellis says she never goes after anyone who shares The Dash at a funeral, in a program or in memory of a loved one. Well she hit this victim on all three counts. She wants another religious leader and a former fan of the poet troll to pay her $4500 for sharing The Dash! 

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