COPYRIGHT TROLL DYING - Author Speaker Poet Linda Ellis Claims SHE is!

You read that right. Linda Ellis claims she is very ill and she’d like to erase all the content on the internet about her illegal copyright extortion scheme.  She wants to undo the damage to her reputation, which by anyone’s account is self-inflicted. Now that she is dying, she needs to protect her carefully plotted image as inspiring poet and author of one of the most circulated poems of all time, The Dash Poem. This is the legacy she has written about many times. The legacy she has contrived around a poem she didn’t write. A poem that originated with an author who is long gone, dead and unaware. The legacy of Author Unknown.

She wants to die with clean hands and with restored status and she asked for my help. You see, Linda Ellis has the mistaken notion that I am responsible for her financial crash and the pariah among authors she is today. She believes that if it were not for April Brown, she’d still be raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in payoffs for false copyright infringement claims. She blames me for getting caught bilking insurance companies of dozens of claims ranging from $1500- $10,000. She blames me for exposing the threatening extortion letters she sends to religious and educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Ellis says it’s my fault she is no longer able to fool and extort the death industry and the people those businesses serve. She blames me for her bad choices and endless lies and distortions. The writer has stooped pretty damn low to buy the house and cars and plastic surgery. Yet even with all the attempts to look successful, vibrant and young, she photoshop’s out the lines and wrinkles and dark circles and at 55 bemoans aging and her depression and fear. This is the reality of Linda Ellis.  She no longer has extortion money to fund the exaggerated success of authorship. It seems all of Linda Ellis' fears are circling the drain while she tries to dog paddle her way back. 

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Her empire has fallen. Ellis relies on old endorsements and references by people who walked away from this hypocrite and phony long ago. Watch carefully. Ellis is a testament to reaping what you sow. We are a witness to that comeuppance and frankly, there is little joy in watching this woman crumble. As one of her targets and having helped hundreds more avoid the trap, I know the harm she causes. My guess is the reaping will last the rest of her lifetime however short that is.

Ellis is a scurrilous a copyright troll. For two decades she created enemies of her readers. She stalked, harassed, shamed and has even gone so far as to contact her targets neighbors and employers. She’s started slander websites and used Google Adwords to intimidate. And worse, she's lied to law enforcement, investigators, courts and even her own attorneys. She’s falsified evidence in a District Court and documents and exhibits presented to the Georgia Supreme Court. Her numerous lies and failings are a matter of record.  But would she lie about dying?

She didn’t suddenly become a pariah when I began reporting on her horrendous conduct. She has that same odd perception of herself that habitual liars possess. She knows just who to target and she knows just how long to push.  She got away with lying until she didn’t. She still thinks that if only April Brown would stop reporting, her life and The Dash Extortion Scheme can gain steam again. After all, she has bodies buried everywhere silenced by Confidentiality Agreements and payoffs. The facts are that The Dash Extortion Scheme has worked for two decades and made Ellis very rich. Had Ellis paid more attention to the wind she would have prepared for the financial storm. I agree that until I came along and met one of her earlier victims, David Price, nobody had connected the dots. Not only did we connect the dots, but we showed the world how dreadful copyright trolls really are - even if they call themselves a Christian.

When I got a demand letter I said “No” to Linda Ellis. I began reporting and sharing and gathering her targets in one place, When she targeted Matthew Chan and accused him of stalking and harassing her, I was there. When she manipulated partnerships with Robin and Eddy and Mac Anderson I shared related emails and contracts further exposing her willingness to lie to her friends and partners. When she lied about sending an extortion letter to the family of a 9/11 victim, the family shared the true story about son, husband and brother Robbie and how Ellis harassed their parents and family business. When Ellis said she never sends letters to grieving families, more than a dozen shared how Linda Ellis’ extortion letters compounded their grief and frightened them. None of her readers could comprehend what was wrong with sharing a poem and confused by a Christian author behaving so badly. And when I shared how the extortion plot began with Linda Ellis sending emails to people encouraging them to share the Dash, well then people were enraged. There is literally no place for Linda Ellis to hide except underneath a tombstone.

Linda Ellis is trying to rebrand her name again with a new website and a new Facebook account. Some of her past brands were Linda’s Lyrics, Dogwood Inspirations, Linda’s Logic, Just Free Speech, Live Your Dash, Gnome Atter What and Linda Ellis Bullying Victim. Linda Ellis has tried and failed to dodge her reputation many times. She's been so broke that on June 11, 2016, she started an on-line fund to pay the attorney fees for going after innocent infringers. This is the arrogance of a copyright troll.

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She took the campaign down within hours of my reporting on it. Now she is in a hurry to join the Dead Poet’s Society, which by the way is a movie not a club.


I waited to write about Linda's latest foolishness thinking that maybe she really is dying and I should be sensitive to the aging irrelevant author. Then again, I know many many grieving family members Ellis threatened and demanded money from while steeped in grief. My allegiance is with them.

August 22, 2017

Linda Ellis contacted the attorney championed by accused copyright infringers everywhere, Oscar Michelen. Ellis told Oscar to tell me she is terminally ill. Ellis wanted me to know that she is giving up. Her exact words were, "Tell April she's won".  She wanted me to know she will remove all her posts about me if I would remove all my posts about her. That request makes it pretty clear that Ellis does not get how much I do understand how she operates and what motivates her.  She also doesn’t seem to understand that there are dozens of news articles, press releases, hundreds of blog posts and thousands of comments by her victims. Her request isn’t conciliatory in the least and hinges on my doing something for her before she does something for me. This is not a biblical principal I recognize.

Linda is not concerned about the damage she’s done nor is she returning the money she took from people. She’s focused on what she needs now, more attention and more money. She’s sorely lacking in both. These are the only reasons she contacted Oscar.

I give it to Linda that she knew how I would respond to her request.  I recognize Ellis is afraid of these reports. So using the unfailing “woman in distress” ploy she contacted a man - and fed him her sob story. She counted on Oscar Michelen to deliver the message, falsely believing his professional and personal relationship with me could persuade me to believe her. I didn’t. And he didn't try. 

This is my reply to Linda Ellis I asked Oscar to deliver on August 25, 2017


My heart remains with your victims. Your suffering pales in comparison to the suffering your deceptive practice causes.  You couldn’t possibly feel the collective weight of the discord your scheming and greed has fomented.

I don’t want or need you to take any content down. My words are factual and irrefutable and purposeful. I don’t care if you stop extorting people. Your behavior validates our reporting. You could have stopped years ago but you didn’t. You are still sending letters.  You can't be trusted. 

If you are a sincere repentant, issue a public apology to all of your victims - by name. Denounce copyright trolling for good and pay back the dirty money. Re-write your slanderous essays with the truth. Take ownership of the sadness you orchestrated and the lies you've told.

For now, I choose to continue to prevent your targets from becoming your victims. Business as usual.

“When people show you who they are over, and over, believe them” Maya Angelou.

This is Linda Ellis reply to me via Oscar – September 7, 2017

Oscar, I don’t even have to to read it. It looks what I expected from her. Good luck defending her in the future. I wish you the best. This proves she is only doing it for the attention. But we both knew that all along.:-) Livin’ my dash baby!

Linda’s Lyrics, LLC

Ellis shifted from conciliatory to threatening in a few keystrokes. She’s built her reputation as a despicable copyright troll one target at a time and one extortion payment at a time until hundreds of targets found each other and made our stories public. In 2015 I felt compelled to write a book about the scheme to help prevent more victims and memorialize the evidence we’ve collected.  “Poetic Justice, The True Story Behind The Dash and One Victim’s Mission to End Copyright Extortion and Bullying” It might be time to write a sequel.



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