Victim of The Dash - Poet Fights Back in Verse

Poet stroking beard

Poet’s Report

A certain poet died,
after many years on earth
and reported to her maker,
to determine her life’s worth.

She left her worldly treasures.
Her cars, big house, and cash,
and with much pride and confidence
went to report her dash.

She stood before the Lord
to tell of her life’s story,
with great anticipation
of receiving praise and glory.

She began, “My Lord and God,
I’m certain that you know,
a poem I wrote touched the hearts
of those on earth below.”

“Yes, I know,” replied the Lord,
“it touched the hearts of many.
Then you touched their pocketbooks
to obtain their every penny..”

“But Lord, they stole my work.
How would that make You feel?
Besides, I think you wrote somewhere
the words… ‘’Thou shall not steal.’”

“My child, they did not steal.
In innocence they shared.
You would understand that
If in your heart you cared.

“Speaking of commandments,
there are many you ignored.
I doubt you’ll ever understand
so this is your reward:

“There’s no further need
for your life to now rehash.
I know you very well.
Go to Hell, and take your Dash.”

Dash Victim


The Three D0's

Do Not Respond

Do Not Be Afraid

Do Tell The World