Linda Ellis - Is She Dead or Alive?

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Only three short months ago, Linda sent a message to me. She wanted me to know she is dying. Yesterday she sent another message claiming she is retiring to Virginia. Whether she is above ground or below, we may be able to start throwing dirt over the Dash Extortion Scheme. 

I wish I could take credit for shutting down Linda Ellis' copyright trolling operation but I can't. This was a team effort and Ellis has been an important player and witness. Without her constant screw ups we likely would never have put all the pieces of her operation together. We let Ellis build her own coffin and crawl in by her own accord, every time she emailed an extortion letter to an innocent infringer. I'm not so sure the lid will ever be nailed shut.

So what prompted this blog post? Ellis wrote our attorney last night and told him she sold the sold the rights to The Dash. She thought he should know. Why? It is impossible to trust this information.  Ellis' modus operandi is she baits and waits. This is the game we play. She does something and I report on it. Is she saying she's ending a decades long copyright trolling operation? Is the Dash extortion scheme really dead and buried and is Ellis waiting to become a corpse sooner rather than later? Or is she "retiring" to Virginia with her husband because she has fewer options these days? It would require an exorcism to get to the truth and I'm no priest. But I have no problem taking the bait.

Ellis isn't naming names but it appears Mac Anderson Founder of Simple Truths and Successories may have raised the hammer over the nail for us. I can't confirm - yet - that Anderson bought the rights to The Dash or that he is responsible for the image makeover. I can't be sure he is the person marketing the Dash (and Linda Ellis) under the brand "Inspire Kindness". If Ellis is telling the rare truth, does Anderson believe he has the magic to undo the nasty reputation of this imposter and troll? Can this spiritual giant overlook the horrific fan abuse and copyright extortion Ellis has visited upon innocent infringers. If Anderson is they buyer, will he take over Ellis' trolling operation too?  If so, it appears the buyer of The Dash isn't going to police the use to the degree Linda Ellis has - 

  • We are inclined to provide you with permission to use the poem in written and digital form if you are a registered charity.

  • We are inclined to provide you with permission to include the poem on your personal blog or social media platform if you include author attribution and a link to

And why would a man - Mac Anderson - who by all accounts is worth millions associate his empire with her failings and seriously bad deeds?

Inspire Kindness, LLC 800 Roosevelt Road, Bld B, Suite 220 Glenn Ellyn, IL 601

Live Your Dash and The Dash poem are trademarked and copyright material.  They may not be used in any form without written permission from Inspire Kindness, LLC 

Ellis' relationship goes back more than a decade. The first met when he wanted to use The Dash in one of his many 30 minute books. He wanted to include a musical version of the poem. Unfortunately for Linda Ellis she was already in an agreement with the musical duo Robin and Eddy. Linda, Robin and Eddy were close friends. I mean really close friends but that didn't stop the Christian author from breaking the agreement. With the help of Mac Anderson's attorney, Ellis accused the couple of copyright infringement and threatened to sue them in Federal Court. I've read through all the emails and legal letters from both sides and there is no question that Ellis lied to break the agreement - and Mac Anderson was there throughout. What these two did to Robin and Eddie was anything but Christian. Worse by a very sad coincidence and while this battle was brewing and escalating, Robin's boyfriend was killed by a hit and run driver.

"In May, 1999, Robin’s sweetheart was hit by a truck and killed in a hit and run, while Robin and Eddy were busy writing, performing, and putting the finishing touches on their first album..." 

Robin was emotionally defenseless and Linda Ellis knew it. She pounced like snake on a bunny and within 24 hours, Robin and Eddy folded. The case never went to court and the artists signed away their rights to the song and watched as years of friendship and plans circled the drain. Mac Anderson and Linda Ellis cleared the way for Kirk Dearman to record the song for The Dash mini-book gift set. 

I remember how I felt while reading through the records of the incident. Mac Anderson and Linda Ellis both claim to be spiritual leaders and giants, yet when it comes to money and greed, morality and ethics are lost on both. During my background research for my book I spoke with Robin many times. The outcome they had hoped would come from their relationship with Linda was a hit song from their recording. It didn't happen. Kirk Dearman hoped for a hit song and it didn't happen. Linda Ellis hoped for fame and fortune and it didn't happen. It appears that Mac Anderson is the only person who profited  from the transaction.

The aftermath of the author's collusion nearly ruined Robin's life. The entertainers were ordered to destroy thousands of CD's they had pressed and were forced to agree to never perform the song again. The good news is that eventually Robin regained her footing and won a prestigious poetry award. Robin and Eddy still perform and are highly regarded entertainers. They are sweet spirits and their success eclipsed any profits Ellis stole.

I hope it's not lost on my readers that I'm aware that people are moved by The Dash poem but what people need to understand is that Linda Ellis sends (or sent?) extortion letters to people when they are in their worst possible crisis - death and dying.  She is acutely aware that humans are defenseless when in grief. Anyone who has suffered a loss, planned a funeral and then lived with the after man of sadness, longing and often financial distress, would find getting accused of copyright infringement during such an overwhelming time unbearable. This is what the Dash poem represents to me. I've listened to the tearful lament, the anger and the deep deep disappointment. I've consoled them out of their fear and I get the suffering. Anyone would pay for that legacy is vomitus. 

For those of us who have endured the abuse, the notion that Mac Anderson would pay for tainted content already proven to be impossible to control makes no sense from any perspective. Thousands upon thousands of targets and victims would find any connection with a copyright troll damning and un-Christian. Maybe a marketing wizard like Anderson can marry "kindness" to a troll and keep his reputation squeaky clean, but Linda Ellis' victims think the idea is as laughable as unconscionable.

A buyer would have to have their head buried in their butt to have missed her slander websites and lie filled blog posts. Many are readily accessible and still tarnishing her image and that stupid poem. This is slanderous content she created with the intent of shutting up her detractors with cold hearted revenge. If not Mac Anderson, then whomever invested in "Inspire Kindness" and "the Dash" should know that Linda Ellis has spent the better part of twenty years attacking her fans and followers and yours truly. Is the buyer aware Ellis has bilked insurance companies out of untold thousands in false copyright claims? Can the buyer ignore the 911 victim's family who shared the Dash poem in a newsletter honoring the deceased? Can the buyer forget the teenager who died in a horseback riding accident only to have Ellis demand $5000 in damages because an Uncle posted the Dash in a funeral program? Doesn't the buyer care about the hurt, the sadness and disappointment her victims suffer at the hands of this very unkind troll? Clearly the buyer believes The Dash is bankable, but why?  Ellis couldn't legitimately monetize the poem without her trolling operation so why is the buyer so optimistic? 

Linda Ellis is bizarre.

On August 25, 2017 Ellis sent an email to Oscar Michelen and asked him to relay a message to me. This is his email.

Linda Ellis reached out to me ...  She said that she is very ill and does not want to leave behind a trail of negative material.  Therefore she has proposed that she will permanently stop her copyright infringement program if April removes all her negative posts, articles, memes, etc...  As she put it “Tell April she won”  ...  

Why in August did Linda imply she was dying? Did she really intend to stop sending extortion letters?  Did the buyer see or warnings and reporting on the Internet and ask her to clean up the mess she made?

This seems like a good time to comment on the success of those of us who chose to fight back. We have really made a difference in the field of copyright trolling.  Kudos goes first and foremost to Matthew Chan for seeing a way to attack this problem with a forum dedicated to targets and victims - When I refused to buckle under the constant harassment and deliberate rumors, Linda Ellis went after Matthew Chan. When Matthew began reporting about the Dash Extortion scheme he had a huge and negative impact on Ellis' operation. In retaliation, she accused Matthew Chan of stalking and harassment.  He was forced to appear in a Marietta court to answer those charges. Chan had no way of knowing that Ellis would manufacture evidence, alter exhibits, lie to her attorney and lie to the courts. He lost. Judge Jordan ruled against him and Matthew was ordered not to write or speak of Linda Ellis for his lifetime. The unreasonable PPO and the judge codified a very wrong court order.  Linda suddenly and unintentionally became an enemy of the 1st Amendment and Section 230.  The ruling was so egregious that Muskogee Superior Court Judges - Judge Jordan's peers - asked the Georgia Supreme Court to rule on the case. Oscar Michelen and esteemed attorney, Eugene Volohk argued on behalf of Matthew's freedom of speech. The Georgia Supreme Justices unanimously overturned the PPO. I remember Ellis hurriedly left the courtroom to a prearranged interview with a local TV station and concocted a new lie about the ruling and the reasoning of the Justices.  Her version of the Justices opinion was that "it's okay to harass people" words that were never uttered in court. (The hearing and her opinion is on Youtube and several websites.)

I will always be thankful to the seven Justices who saw Ellis for what she is.  Because she over reached with the PPO - never mind that she outright lied about Chan stalking her, her strategy backfired and now her sick operation is a matter of legal record. The hearing revealed that Ellis' exhibits  had been altered to match her accusations. Those facts are available to reporters. I've often wondered if Ellis altered the evidence all by herself or if her attorneys helped her. Either way, they all looked like dopes that day and Ellis may have permanently damaged at least one of her attorney's careers. Within in months Timothy McCormack gave up chasing innocent infringers to  farming marijuana

We knew Ellis had been sinking emotionally since the Supreme Court ruling. Her behavior became more erratic. You can read about her threatening and juvenile behavior in Poetic Justice. I watched her struggle as she explained herself in a post trial interview. I watched as she tried to align herself with the anti-bullying movement. I watched as she was rebuffed and called out by her fans and readers for her weakness and despicable behavior.  She kicked up the dust of hatred a hundred times over and people don't forget. We've helped more than 350 people avoid paying her off. Using her extortion rates, those 350 targets represent hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars in false copyright infringement claims, maybe even millions.

The Georgia Court outcome clearly was a huge blow she has never gotten over. Her "great legal team" Marietta attorney, Betsy McBride and Getty Images Seattle counsel, Timothy McCormack - were exposed as a bunch of pikers. I recall that very early on during our battle to expose Ellis on the Extortion Letter Info forum, she contacted Oscar and asked him to represent her and The Dash against innocent infringers. It was lost on her that "intellectual property rights" attorneys also represent people who are wrongly accused of infringement. Oscar Michelen is a man of character and lover of the rule of law. He frees the wrongly accused and has devoted his entire life to social justice issues. Oscar knows copyright trolling is as damaging as any other financial crime and he has proven over and over that copyright trolls can be put out of business. 

Ellis and the buyer have to live with the legacy she created - the Dash's dark side is predominantly featured on the Internet.  The Dash can still be found posted on thousands of websites as "author unknown" and attributed to Ellis. People still share it without permission and will always share it without permission.  I can't help but wonder why Mac Anderson or anyone would stick a little toe in this cesspool of negativity. There are better poets with an honest and fresh take on inspiration waiting to be discovered and read.

Many believe Ellis did not write the Dash. 

As I said earlier, I've learned to live with her bizarreness.

On November 27, 2017 Ellis wrote to Oscar again:

The Dash was sold quite a long time ago. Thought I’d let you know.

Who will the poor old wretched lying lonely woman harass now?  LOL!  I am retiring to Virginia.  (I give until 6pm Eastern time to see this posted on her site!  We usually have a pool of bets here as we mock her sick never-ending obsession!)

I wish you well. It’s been quite a ride!

Why would Linda Ellis write to my attorney out-of-the-blue with this information? Does she expect Oscar to respond with a "Wish you well" or "Good Luck in your retirement"? And, "Oh by the way, you told me you are dying. Remember?". Whether she is dying or retiring, let's hope this is the last we hear of Linda Ellis, Author, Speaker, Poet and Copyright Troll.

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Exhibit 2 November 27, 2017

Exhibit 2 November 27, 2017


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