Joel Albrizio - An Epic Fail

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

Copyright trolls are heartless bastards. They don't care if they bankrupt a small business owner, break the heart of a hurting family, humiliate a thoughtful person or cause someone to lose a job. They only care about themselves. They overvalue a photo, a poem, a video, they overvalue self. Let's just say that nobody wants to be friends with a copyright troll. These creeps are hated by everyone including Judges and sometimes their own family, friends and employees. Joel Albrizio is one of those trolls.

I know you haven't heard me say much about Joel Albrizio. I didn't know the guy at all until he started harassing Robert Krausankus, another anti-troll activist who went straight for Albrizio's jugular when he heard about his outrageous demand of $8000 for someone who innocently used a photo on social media. Albrizio called Robert a couple months ago after having his fill of Robert exposing Albrizio's shady operation.  He told Robert he would ruin him if he didn't keep his mouth shut. And Albrizio has tried. He got in touch with Linda Ellis and together they setup a blog called Voices of Jupiter Florida. The blog is a front for slandering Robert. He pretends to be Jessica Langston, a concerned parent against "pornographer Robert Krausankus". He's emailed Robert's wife, contacted Jupiters local Athletic association board members, and the director of his daughter's volleyball club, and tried to ruin Robert's son's life, by constantly tagging his name. Robert's boy is just a young kid embarking on his adult life, much like Albrizio's young daughter Jordan Albrizio. Who does that? Someone who is a failure. Someone who can't earn an honest living. Or someone who is losing it with nobody around him with the guts to say "you are fucking up big time buddy, big time".

I've written very little about Albrizio. From all appearances, he seems like a successful guy, but when you read his blog posts (with the typos) on VOJF one can't help but wonder what's wrong with this guy? I can only come up with a two word answer. Epic Fail. If he has ever been successful, that success must be slipping through his fingers. If he was once happy, that happiness has fallen away. If he was once a loving grandfather, father, husband, lover and boyfriend, that lovely life has gone by. He is now nothing more than a troll. We know that by the company he keeps - Linda Ellis.

Joel Albrizio and Linda Ellis are Epic Failures. I've written repeatedly about Linda's failures. Now it's Albrizio's turn. 

Attempts  copyright trolling for income = FAIL

Demand 8k for images sold on i-stock for -20.00 = FAIL

Files multiple copyright lawsuits = FAIL

Launches @ 999.00 per month = FAIL

Lowers price of above to 499.00 per month = FAILl

Threaten to “Ruin & Destroy” Robert = FAIL

Claims “Family First” - at least 2 divorces = FAIL

Creates bogus Female Facebook account = FAIL

Creates bogus Marissa Davenport gmail acct, a M. Davenport was employed at ADLIFE years ago = FAIL

Creates bogus Jessica gmail acct. J. Langston was an Adlife associate in the past = Fail

Pretends to be a women / housewife  concerned about Jupiter FL.= FAIL

Attempts to send anonymous emails to Roberts clients & associates as a woman = FAIL

Attempts to hide behind proxy servers…. = FAIL

Claims to have allies in Seattle = FAIL

Denies involvement in VOJF blog “I’m not your blogger” = FAIL

Contacts Roberts wife = FAIL

Contacts Roberts clients = FAIL

Contacts Roberts personal associates = FAIL

Contacts ELI members via email with veiled threats = FAIL

Posts facebook screenshot with his profile picture = FAIL
Launches new grocery blog with link to VOJF = FAIL

There is something all copyright trolls have in common. Lying. Joel Albrizio no longer cares about the finer things in life. He doesn't care about being a dad, a grandfather, a leader at work, an inspiration to those people around him. He doesn't seem to know what to do now that the grocery photo business is off in the ditch. He seems to fear aging, virility, and change. He seems lost. Maybe it's too late for this guy. Maybe he has no emotional self control. Maybe the horror of dementia has control of his brain. Maybe he needs to turn to his children for love, advice and support. He needs to put on the brakes now. He need only look at the shell of Linda Ellis and imagine himself as she is right now. Broke and broken. 

Note: Joel Albrizio believes a photo of a bowl of strawberries is worth $8000. FYI. I paid $1 for the photo in this post.



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