Linda Ellis's Desperate Trolling Operation

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

Will Linda Ellis ever stop lying? No. Will Linda Ellis ever stop trolling? I doubt it. She is unable to come to her senses. All we've ever asked her to do is stop. 

Linda Ellis is desperate. She is desperate to nullify her past. Desperate to be seen as a clean living Christian. Desperate to be believed. It's too late for Linda Ellis. The truth is out. If I were her, I would stick with the fans and followers she has and shut up. Because everybody else has gotten the message. Linda Ellis is a copyright troll.

For some reason, who knows, Linda thought it was a good idea to make another video painting herself as a victim. She wants people to believe she is suffering. She wants people to believe she is a target. She wants people to believe she is a Christian author who does nothing but good day in and day out. She wants us to believe there are no bodies buried in the back yard. She wants people to believe. It's too late. She's been pissing people off for 20 years.

At one time I kind of felt sorry for her fans and followers. They genuinely believe her until they get one of those letters. I've spent more hours on the phone consoling these weaklings than she has building that ridiculous Live Your Dash brand. If not for her trolling operation, I might think the notion Live Your Dash was kind of cool, but she's done so much damage to good people that I can't turn away. The fact is she knows Christians believe anyone who labels themselves as a Christians. Christians are low hanging fruit for Ellis. Having been raised Christian and having attended a Christian college, the whole thing about Ellis and her trolling operation is just flat out embarrassing. Her fans are nothing but fodder for her ego and an avenue to more victims. They are helping her ruin people just like them.

Lately she's taken to sending me open letters and creating videos decrying her culpability. The facts of what she does are not of my making but of hers. She claims she doesn't do what she does. Tell that to the 911 family - the Schlesingers. Tell that too David Price. Tell that too Greg Troy. Tell that too Chuck Barberini. Wilene Dunn. Patrick Ward. Byrd Baggett. Gretchen Hydo. Bruce Lloyd. Teri Bari. Michael Weaver. Dawn Heslin. Clark Thompson. David Stansfield. Jane Goldsberg. Mark Blackney. Seung Lee. Clovis Chamber. Charley Reeb. Hillary Minich. Terry Longley. Margeret Mason. And 346 more people who once were her readers and fans.

Linda Ellis is desperate to make people believe she doesn't destroy people's lives with her extortion scheme. She is desperate. Desperate. Desperate.