Copyright Troll Linda Ellis Losing the War

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

When poet and copyright troll Linda Ellis began her campaign to silence me, it was already too late for her. Her world began to change when she used unethical - and for a Christian author -immoral tactics to intimidate me. She wants me to stop reporting on The Dash Extortion Scheme. I will stop reporting when Ellis stops sending letters to her readers demanding money for damages.  

Five years ago, when I decided to expose the scheme, my intention was to push back as hard as she was bullying me. I wanted her to stop harassing her readers and fans. Although I refused to pay her off I knew from the phone calls and emails that she was aggressively sending letters demanding money from her readers. I wagered that if The Dash was a real brand and if Ellis was a real author, there was no way she would continue her temper tantrum and intimidation. Surely she would not want people to read about what she is doing.  I also felt that if she were a sincere Bible believing Christian, there was no way in heaven or hell that Ellis would want to abuse her readers or ruin her reputation. But I was wrong. I discovered that the money Ellis gleaned from copyright trolling was far more profitable than selling poetry.

Ellis actions are a roadmap to her destruction and even in the face of complete financial ruin, she has no intention of changing her ways. She still sends extortion letters to religious leaders like preachers, rabbis, priests, Sunday school teachers, school teachers, and educators and students, small business owners and grieving families. It seems as if Ellis cannot unhook herself from troll money and she has no Plan B.

Like most small business owners I don't live my life in a vacuum. Much has happened to shape my personal and professional life that probably parallels most do-gooders. I am the founder of a charity and I'm a fundraising professional. I know how important money is to implementing good works.  But none of this would matter without knowing that my involvement makes a difference. Helping people motivates me and saving people from paying off Ellis is hugely rewarding. More than 300 that we know of.  

Every week I meet someone who started a charity because they want to change the world even if that means making just one person's life better.  I relate. Helping people makes my life a thousand times more valuable than if I were selling a widget or living a self-indulgent life. People like us share inspirational stuff like The Dash poem. None of her readers think they are damaging Linda Ellis by sharing The Dash. We believe that sharing is exactly what the author wants us to do. We are unwilling accomplices. Linda Ellis and her wrath is proof that The Dash poem is nothing more than a rusty hook for extorting money from innocent infringers.

I intend to be part of some very real change in the copyright law. Authors like Ellis need to understand that readers aren't all chicken shit little dopes just waiting to cave in and pay her off. She needs to get that her life as a copyright troll is over. Every time she tries to resurrect the scam we will shut her down. Even her expert lying has zero impact on our work. Real change is possible and her readers are done with small nudges and the steady chipping away. A viral big bang is coming and whatever she fears the most will happen. And we believe that her greatest fear is being found out that she is not the original author of The Dash. 

Ellis needs to adjust to the new normal.  We aren't looking for short-term change.  Her readers refuse to quit until we suffocate the uncertainty. Ellis snared me like hundreds of her readers.  How could I know I would get trapped in a nearly two decades long extortion scheme that has gone almost entirely unnoticed outside of her victim's circle? I flushed out hundreds of her victims with an amateur public service campaign. I am the first person who has ever created ANY advertising warning victims and targets of copyright trolls.  From that initial outreach I learned from brilliant legal minds and anti-copyright troll activists. I am lifelong friends with bloggers, attorneys and some really amazing people simply by doing the right thing. The veil of secrecy no longer exists. Ellis has been outed. 

The reason I continue to report is that activism offers greater rewards than risk. The opposition in my cause is just one person with a relatively small social media following and no peer support. Linda Ellis is persona non grata in author circles. Few authors attack their readers but the phenomenon does exist.  It's not possible to measure the damages she's done to my business and reputation. How do I measure the effectiveness of her slanderous Google Ads, Facebook posts, blog posts and bullying cyber attacks? I don't bother to try. I just keep reporting.

We are strengthened not by the contempt of the bully but by the service to the bully's targets and victims. We are driven not by unjust, but by the lives we change and save along the way.  

If you are a target of Linda Ellis and if she has sent you an extortion letter remember

The Three D0's

Do Not Respond

Do Not Be Afraid

Do Tell The World


If you have been a victim of Linda Ellis and want to share your story of abuse and harassment, Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths below.
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