Joel Albrizio and Linda Ellis - Lying Liars Lie

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

Copyright trolls are liars. And not very good ones at that.  I've shown my readers repeatedly the lies Linda Ellis tells. And now that she’s hooked up with Joel Albrizio, another despicable copyright troll, it seems he’s taken a page from one of her books. Not that stupid Dash book but her playbook for hunting down her victims and torturing them with those lie laden extortion letters.

If you’ve been following the Ellis and Albrizio saga on and you know about the latest libel website – Voices of Jupiter Florida. Since December 22, 2016 the launch date of, Joel and Linda have been denying they are the perpetrators. Albrizio called me and left a message denying it's him. He wrote me an email denying he's the bad boy.  Linda posted on my Facebook page and denied she was involved. Then what do you know, the dopes keep slipping up and stepping on their lies. Either they are really stupid, suffering from dementia or they have some evil plan that makes sense only to them.

Now you say, “but isn’t Joel Albrizio a bigshot advertising executive and owner of Adlife?” “Isn’t Linda Ellis a famous Christian author?” What ever they claim to be is obliterated by their copyright trolling antics and the lies they tell.  So let me help them set the record straight.

Joel Albrizio and Linda Ellis created the website Voices of Jupiter Florida. Joel is pretending to be a woman named Jessica Langston. Linda is actually using her real name, I guess because it’s already ruined. Albrizio and Linda are masquerading as concerned parents repulsed by pornography and Robert Krausankas (while continually posting photos they alter to make their point). Never forget that Linda Ellis ended up before the Georgia Supreme Court where many of her lies and altered evidence are now on record for the whole world to view. Both claim they’ve never met each other yet Albrizio is demanding that we stop writing about Linda Ellis and her henchman John W. Jolin or else!  Odd demand considering they are all supposedly strangers.

Here are a couple of shots that easily prove Albrizio is as big a nut as Ellis. 

Exhibit 1 - Albrizio denies to me he's behind Voices of Jupiter Florida

Exhibit 2 - Albrizio stupidly puts "Joel Albrizio Voices of Jupiter Florida" on his footer for his latest business blog. Geez. What is this guy thinking???

Scroll to the bottom to view blue arrow on Exhibit 2.

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