Linda Ellis Copyright - Open Letter to April Brown

On March 2, 2017 Linda Ellis sent me this open letter on Facebook. It’s quite long but I’m going to respond to each of her accusations for her readers and hopefully they will continue to be curious about this poet troll's targets and victims. 

Part One

Linda Ellis Facebook post.

Linda Ellis - Author - The Dash

"I hope and pray that none of you have to face a (in my opinion) cyberbully. It drains you of your positive energy daily.

Dear April Brown,

You are an intelligent, professional business woman. Yet, you spend hours upon hours posting hundreds of untruths about "Linda Ellis" and have even written a book based upon facts that you know in your heart are completely distorted out of proportion. I had the I suppose I should praise your business savvy here for taking advantage of a situation to write and sell a book full of slander and defamation. Bravo."


I wrote a book for the benefit of the targets and victims of Linda Elli’s extortion scheme. Poetic Justice – The True Story Behind the Dash and One Victim’s Mission to End Copyright Extortion and Bullying”. The book was vetted by an attorney and has been available for nearly two years. Ellis has been threatening to sue her readers and fans for more than twenty. The entire manuscript of my book is available on line for free or it can also be purchased on for those who want to support our cause. I donate my book to schools and attorneys.

Poetic Justice is filled with exhibits to assist defendants if Linda decides to sue me or anyone else. The exhibits are emails, comments, letters, photos, screen captures and legal documents. The provenance of the exhibits have been maintained and verified. Many of the exhibits have already been through the court system because of the Chan v. Ellis case. The book contains only about 30% of that evidence.  The rest can be viewed on a directory on along with hundreds more. Search "Linda Ellis Copyright" on Scribd. Hundreds of records. We are prepared for a case and look forward to more exposure and more scrutiny. 

Linda Ellis has not filed a case against me or anyone else for Copyright Infringement or Libel. There are no facts to bear out her accusations. I’ve never paid her a dime for anything including posting The Dash on my blog. She is an abusive copyright troll. She hates me because I’ve written about her scheme and her victims and because people no longer foolishly pay her off.   


"While I have been busy being a caretaker for two disabled people, one being my 82-year old mother, you have diluted the Internet with slander and defamation about Linda Ellis. I'm still not sure if your actions are due to a personal obsessive vendetta you have against me, or to sell your book full of fabrications. Either way, I simply haven't had as much idle time as you, apparently."


Many of Linda Ellis’ targets care for family members. She has no pity for them. We have no pity for her. Anyone who wants to know the truth can read through hundreds of her target's letters. Because Ellis forces her victim's to sign a Confidentiality Agreement upon settlement, many speak through me. Some have the courage to speak up after learning they were duped by Ellis. We believe the Confidentiality Agreement is void because of the lies she tells in the extortion letter to frighten them in to paying her off. 

Linda often touts that she cares for her mother. Most of us care for our family naturally without seeking attention for our efforts. She should imagine what it must feel like opening up an email from an extortionist after spending a long night bedside with a loved one or returning from a funeral. She should imagine what a student feels like after his entire school is hit with a copyright infringement claim just because he video taped himself reading The Dash and put it on Youtube. She should imagine laying in a hospice knowing your wife is faced with paying Ellis $7500. She should imagine sharing a poem out of kindness only to find the author hates her for doing that simple thoughtful act.


Before 2013, Linda Ellis sent The Dash poem to her fans using the Tell-a-Friend Form. That’s how it ended up in my In-box. The Tell-a-Friend form is rarely used today because unsolicited email is annoying even if it contains an inspiring poem. I read the poem and posted it on a blog. The blog was on my business website much like this one. I posted the poem with a link to her website. Sharing is still a common practice by most people but Linda Ellis thinks that by sharing her poem her fans are stealing money from her. She also believes that because I shared The Dash on my business blog that I owe her for my success. In 2011, the stats for my blog were zero. The posts had no tags and no promotion which leads all of us to believe the Tell-a-Friend form loaded with all those emails (10 per form) was nothing more than a map to her targets. I did not seek out Linda Ellis she sought me out as she still does today.


"The facts, as you KNOW them to be true, are:

--Yes, I send out letters to those who have used my copyrighted, trademarked intellectual property on their business or organization's web sites, in their publications, etc. Because licensing and royalties are what creators of intellectual property depend upon to pay their bills. When someone distributes a legal product without permission or payment, it is neither lawful, nor ethical, and there are indeed repercussions."


Linda is standing on shaky ground with this declaration. The facts are that no human has been sued for sharing any of her content ever. Notice in this statement that she does not make the claim that she has ever sued anyone for copyright infringement because she hasn’t. Why doesn't she sue? She claims if she does she "will win the maximum judgement of $150,000 plus attorney fees. She would be worth millions upon millions of dollars if she'd follow through wouldn't she? And where are her "attorneys"? Why doesn't Ellis have legal representation?

Other than the Matthew Chan v. Ellis case, Ellis has only come close to a courtroom twice. Both cases involved contract disputes. Ellis won both by default. One because the guy was in jail and the other was with her best friend. The "Best Friend" case is truly troubling. Ellis broke a years long friendship over the possibility of making more money with Mac Anderson. I am happy to rehash the Eric J. Aronson case and the Robin and Eddy case anytime with anyone. I’ve spoken to those parties and I have all of Linda’s emails both personal and business related on both cases. I’ve reported extensively on both cases and I’ve posted all that information and included as much as I could in my book.  So much more has been written about her by other bloggers and news organizations. She can take the credit for that destruction.

Notice Linda doesn’t admit to seeding the internet with The Dash for years while complaining that “Author Unknown” and “Ann Nonmeous” is more famous than she is. The Dash is posted more often without author attribution than with "Linda Ellis" tacked on. We’ve found three versions of the poem as "Author Unknown". We don’t believe she is the author. She’s never proven she is. She’s has proof of the copyright only.

My attorney is an entertainment attorney and he represents dozens of entertainers and bands. I consulted him after receiving Ellis’s first threat. The common legal practice is to ask for a "Cease and Desist Order". Only copyright trolls send invoices, sample lawsuits and threatening letters.  It is rare that someone does not remove content. If Ellis ever went to court a Judge will ask her why she didn't first ask for a Cease and Desist before threatening to sue. For that reason alone she likely would get an unfavorable judgement or as little as $200. This is why Ellis does not sue anyone. She’s afraid of a low settlement and she’s afraid of that outcome. She is also aware that Judges hate trolls and my guess is any Judge would hate someone who sends letters to people in grief. We also think versions of The Dash exist before 1996 will likely turn up when thousands more people hear about what she’s doing. She does not want publicity about the poem. She wants to be known as a victim of cyberbullying instead hoping that being seen as a victim can be turned into a profit. Seems if she couldn't make a profit by selling poetry, she won't make a profit by labeling herself as a victim.

Continued - see Part 2



The Three D0's

Do Not Respond

Do Not Be Afraid

Do Tell The World



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