Shocked? I'm Not. Linda Ellis and Joel Albrizio - Not So Strange Bedfellows

There is nothing more fun than reading lies when you know the truth.

Just when you think Linda Ellis couldn’t find a deeper mud hole to wallow in she digs one deeper. On December 22, 2016 Linda Ellis posted on another slander website, this time targeting Robert Krausankas, author of  Robert is an anti-copyright troll activist and modern satirist who exposes the dealings of copyright trolls with his stinging word spankings.  He reports on the terrifying stories of people being extorted by copyright trolls and reports on troll cases and behavior. Robert is one of the original Extortion Letter Info team members who will go head-to-head with the attorneys behind the Getty Images and other copyright trolling operation while providing advice for targets. Just last week extortion Matthew Chan, The founder of shut down a Getty Attorney in Paris simply by reporting on his blog.  Getty retracted and their lawyer wrote two apologies to Matthew. Anti-troll blogs are the force to ending copyright troll abuse.

Linda Ellis seems to have united with another troll, Joel Albrizio and is now targeting Robert with a shaming and slander website called Voices of Jupiter Florida supposedly hosted by "concerned parent" Jessica Langston. You might remember that Linda Ellis started– and in retaliation after I published my book “Poetic Justice” The True Story Behind The Dash and One Victim’s Mission to End Copyright Bullying and Extortion. My book is basically a diary of victim letters and stories that chronicle the idiotic tricks she’s pulled over the past five years. I also explain how to avoid copyright trolls and if you can't how to get rid of them. Together, these dolts are masquerading as concerned parents hell-bent on protecting all of Jupiter Florida from artist and resident, Robert Krausankas. Their cover story is pretty confusing. They’ve grabbed a bunch of memes from that Robert used in blog posts to mock Ellis way back in the day but they are using them to falsely illustrate very different points about Robert. The posts are pious and try to make some point about Robert’s supposed sexual proclivities. Ellis made similar claims about me.

Joel Albrizio, is a copyright troll who found himself in sludge over photos he offered for sale through Getty. Albrizio ended his agreement with iStock (owned by Getty) and then refused to honor those licenses when he walked away.  He sends extortion letters accusing those former customers of copyright infringement. Sound familiar?  As you can imagine people are reporting on Joel Albrizio’s bad manners which makes Mr. Albrizio a perfect bedfellow for Ellis. Although he might fall short of qualifying for jail or an episode of “American Greed”, he has Ellis' propensity for drama and identity fraud.  Joel AKA Jessica is pretending to be a mother of unknown number of children and Linda’s imaginary girlfriend who just happens to live in Jupiter, Florida where Robert Krausankas lives.  Like Jupiter has been waiting for “A group of organized parents against pornography” and  “this Blog Is About A Better Jupiter, FL” because out of the blue Jessica Langston cares about your kid? Right. If you believe that then I have a non-kinking garden hose to sell you.

Takes me back to when Linda Ellis ripped off a video from my YouTube channel of me performing comedy in 1985. She created Just Free Spech and posted the foolishness in the photo below and stupidly posted on Linda Ellis Dot Net that she contacted my clients with the following message:

 In a video on YouTube, April Brown’s words could be considered offensive and distasteful to most and also sexually explicit…all spoken while wearing a necklace of tampons over a mock military uniform.  Even if she had asked, which she never did, Ms. Ellis would not want her inspirational works associated with this person.” This is classic Linda Ellis and now classic Joel Albrizio.

Jessica-Joel apparently has the same twisted little head that Ellis has and it appears about as much of a real fan base. The Voices of Jupiter Florida could meet in a phone booth if phone booths existed. VOJF is just a duet of dopes driven by self-hatred and shame and we can’t forget greed which might be the key to both of their business brands failures. Both seem unprepared for the reaping of the sowing and don’t understand why good does not flow back to them. If Jessica-Joel wants to emulate Ellis, he-she should first ask Linda how all this crap she stirred up has worked for her.

So let me help wise up this misguided dude in a dress. If Jessica-Joel were the smart CEO he purports to be, she-he’d hike up that skirt and run damn fast in the other direction before the Dash stink rubs off and erodes what is left of his-her food photo business. The few business professionals that at one time considered Linda Ellis a friend, like artists Robin and Eddy, excised her forever. Ask them why. And Ellis’ former Agents of Doom aka Copyright Representatives has fallen to some pretty bad times. Getty Images attorney Timothy McCormack comes to mind. She begged him to help her win before the Georgia Supreme Court. His payback for that loss was humiliation in front of his peers and colleagues. Ask Linda  about Marietta attorney, Betsy McBride. Ellis betrayed her own attorney by providing cropped documents and photos and allowing those documents to be sworn into evidence into the lower court and them ending up in front of seven Supreme Court Justices. Her attorney’s loss was mortifying.  And probably the biggest fool of the bunch, John Jolin, who was and Ellis says still is, behind some of Ellis’ dirtier deeds. His investment in the Dash Extortion Scheme landed him in financial doo-doo. Can you say the word bankruptcy? 

Like Linda Ellis, people are seriously mad at Joel Albrizio and they are talking - or should I say screaming about what this guy does.  You can read all about Dumb and Dumber on about a dozen anti-troll blogs. If Albrizio thinks he can shut people up with threats and shaming tactics or erase the goodness of their lives, forget about it. We all have witnesses whether we like it or not.   

Ellis and Albrizio - We know who you are and we saw what you did...and we are telling. 






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