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Joel Albrizio - An Epic Fail

Copyright trolls are heartless bastards. They don't care if they bankrupt a small business owner, break the heart of a hurting family, humiliate a thoughtful person or cause someone to lose a job. They only care about themselves. They overvalue a photo, a poem, a video, they overvalue self. Let's just say that nobody wants to be friends with a copyright troll.

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Shocked? I'm Not. Linda Ellis and Joel Albrizio - Not So Strange Bedfellows

Just when you think Linda Ellis couldn’t find a deeper mud hole to wallow in she invents one. On December 22, 2016 Linda Ellis posted on another slander website, this time targeting Robert Krausankas, author of  Robert is an anti-copyright troll activist and modern satirist who exposes the dealings of copyright trolls with his stinging word spankings.

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