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Linda Ellis Copyright Troll Sends Out Extortion Letters on Easter Sunday to Religious Leaders

Remember Linda Ellis says she never goes after anyone who shares The Dash at a funeral, in a program or in memory of a loved one. Well she hit this victim on all three counts. She wants another religious leader and a former fan of the poet troll to pay her $4500 for sharing The Dash! 

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Linda Ellis and John W. Jolin - Extortion Letters - Target Exposes Scheme

This victim did not allow himself to be intimidated. He immediately made the scam public and shared the extortion letters sent by John W. Jolin acting Linda Ellis's representative. It is important to note that JohnW. Jolin is not an attorney and that the content in the letters is false. Linda Ellis has never sued anyone for sharing The Dash

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Nothing slows down Linda Ellis and John Jolin, not even the holiday season. They've tried a new and improved extortion letter by sending the first and scariest letter (the 4 page version) via registered mail rather than email. Knowing how much extra effort printing, folding, stamping and mailing a letter takes, I predicted that little idea would fade fast-and it has.

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