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Part 3 - Copyright Troll Unveiled in Her Own Words

"The amount of requested licensing you quote in your continuous slander is not the amount copyright infringers and my company eventually amicably agree upon, nor is it the amount requested of all copyright infringers of my intellectual property. Each case is different and the extent of the damage is different as well. Yet, you continue to stretch the truth and perpetuate your slander to fit your obsessive campaign against me, Linda Ellis, author of The Dash." Linda Ellis

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Badly Behaving Author - Linda Ellis Trumps AK Rowling

Linda Ellis claims that her bad behavior is fair. She's only trying very hard to keep a poem that as been shared a million times as "anonymous" and "author unknown" and with no attribution whatsoever from becoming a Public Domain piece of literature. Her scorched earth methods invoked the Streisand effect.  Her legacy as the author of The Dash and inspiring Christian has been obliterated by her nasty, unethical and unlawful tactics for silencing her critics. And does Linda Ellis ever have critics. And I am her most vocal and most informed.

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Linda Ellis Copyright - Open Letter to April Brown


You are an intelligent, professional business woman. Yet, you spend hours upon hours posting hundreds of untruths about "Linda Ellis" and have even written a book based upon facts that you know in your heart are completely distorted out of proportion. I had the I suppose I should praise your business savvy here for taking advantage of a situation to write and sell a book full of slander and defamation. Bravo.

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