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Taking Down A Copyright Troll - Linda Ellis Copyright Scheme

It’s hard to grasp the damage copyright trolls cause when mass copyright litigation threats land on an innocent infringer. When Linda Ellis, the author who claimed ownership of The Dash Poem when she filed a copyright claim to the poem. It is alleged that Ellis discovered the poem in her grandmother’s bible without author attribution.

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If you follow this blog then you are familiar with the scores of attacks, Linda Ellis – Author Speaker Poet, has made on my social media accounts. On Memorial Day 2016, she bought another Google Adwords campaign this time the Adwords she chose are “April Brown Auctioneer”. This is nothing new.

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Poet Linda Ellis makes first comment after Supreme Court Appeal hearing

"Suffice it to say there will be much talk and commentary in the coming weeks, regarding the last court hearing that took place at The Supreme Court of Georgia on October 7th regarding Chan v. Ellis I will be doing a series of posts and breaking down sections of the hearing and offering up my commentary, some will enjoy it I’m sure, others maybe not so much.

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