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Taking Down A Copyright Troll - Linda Ellis Copyright Scheme

It’s hard to grasp the damage copyright trolls cause when mass copyright litigation threats land on an innocent infringer. When Linda Ellis, the author who claimed ownership of The Dash Poem when she filed a copyright claim to the poem. It is alleged that Ellis discovered the poem in her grandmother’s bible without author attribution.

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Brown to Ellis on wiretapping claim: Put up or Shut up

I wrote the book “Poetic Justice – The True Story Behind The Dash Extortion Scheme and One Victim’s Mission to End Copyright Bullying and Extortion”. That book is a chronicle of the bullying tactics Linda Ellis used to try and silence my reporting. Since that time her efforts have escalated and I continue to educate the public on The Dash Extortion Scheme.

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Christians Make the Perfect Victim

January 2, 2017 marked five years reporting on The Dash Extortion Scheme. I've been contacted by hundreds of targets as many victims of the scheme - most identify as Christians and many are Jewish. All relate to the message of The Dash. They shared The Dash to inspire others or just because they felt that sharing was a good thing to do. They certainly never thought of themselves as a thief. To a person, they are shocked when the author demands exorbitant amounts of money in damages. 

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Why Do People Share The Dash and Other Inspirational Poems?

I confess. I used to be one of those people who shared inspirational quotes.  A bit strange considering I am not someone who believes inspirational quotes and poetry make people feel better or even different after the last word is read. I am also not much of a believer in self-help books. I doubt most successful people read them or ever meet the authors. Most seem self-serving and judgmental even when the quotes are about judgment.

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Linda Ellis Copyright - Open Letter to April Brown


You are an intelligent, professional business woman. Yet, you spend hours upon hours posting hundreds of untruths about "Linda Ellis" and have even written a book based upon facts that you know in your heart are completely distorted out of proportion. I had the I suppose I should praise your business savvy here for taking advantage of a situation to write and sell a book full of slander and defamation. Bravo.

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