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COPYRIGHT TROLL DYING - Author Speaker Poet Linda Ellis Claims SHE is!

Linda Ellis claims she is very ill and she’d like to erase all the content on the internet about her illegal copyright extortion scheme.  She wants to undo the damage to her reputation, which by anyone’s account is self-inflicted. Now that she is dying, she needs to protect her carefully plotted image as inspiring poet and author of the most circulated poems of all time, The Dash Poem.

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Canadian Funeral News Hands Out A little Poetic Justice to Copyright Troll

A few months ago someone from the Canadian Funeral News stumbled across one of my blog post on the Beware Don’t Share blog and asked for my permission to share it in their industry publication. I was thrilled since the funeral industry, related business owners and customers have made Christian author Linda Ellis very rich from copyright settlements. 

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Why Do People Share The Dash and Other Inspirational Poems?

I confess. I used to be one of those people who shared inspirational quotes.  A bit strange considering I am not someone who believes inspirational quotes and poetry make people feel better or even different after the last word is read. I am also not much of a believer in self-help books. I doubt most successful people read them or ever meet the authors. Most seem self-serving and judgmental even when the quotes are about judgment.

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Linda Ellis Copyright - Open Letter to April Brown


You are an intelligent, professional business woman. Yet, you spend hours upon hours posting hundreds of untruths about "Linda Ellis" and have even written a book based upon facts that you know in your heart are completely distorted out of proportion. I had the I suppose I should praise your business savvy here for taking advantage of a situation to write and sell a book full of slander and defamation. Bravo.

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If you follow this blog then you are familiar with the scores of attacks, Linda Ellis – Author Speaker Poet, has made on my social media accounts. On Memorial Day 2016, she bought another Google Adwords campaign this time the Adwords she chose are “April Brown Auctioneer”. This is nothing new.

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Copyright Trolls - A sucker is born every minute. P.T. Barnum

How could an ordinary poem – just 242 words - bankrupt a business, end a man’s career, close a charity’s doors, cause religious leaders to tremble and entrepreneurs to change their identity, shame a man to quit his job, empty church coffers, end programs and services for the needy, penalize a school district over a lesson plan, and emotionally and financially ruin a grieving family and increase insurance premiums for institutions, hospitals, charities and funeral homes?

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Linda Ellis Copyright - The Dash is Dead!!! 6.12.96 - 6.12.2016 RIP

Don't think for a minute that Linda Ellis has stopped sending extortion letters. She hasn't. She still demands money from anyone who shares The Dash poem without her permission. What has changed is the amount of content that now permeates the Internet warning people not to post The Dash and the consequences if they do. Of course there really are no consequences if her targets choose to ignore her. I surmise is that only the really low hanging fruit end up in the juice factory these days.

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THE DASH IS DEAD - Linda Ellis Author Speaker Poet Failed to Silence her Victims!

Now that we are wrapping up The Dash Extortion Scheme for Linda Ellis we continue to wonder why someone who markets themselves as an Inspiring Christian Author would spend four years fighting a red tide she began forming back in 1996 when she stumbled upon The Dash and decided to copyright it for personal gain. We know she begged people to share it.

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Linda Ellis Copyright - Former Attorney Runs for the Hills!

Linda Ellis has edited and reposted My Stalking Story for the umpteenth time as part of her campaign to paint herself as a victim of her victims. Weird I know but failure seems to be her only option these days. In this excerpt she sticks with the storyline that Getty Imgaes Attorney Timothy McCormack essentially saved her. The truth is Timothy McCormack assisted Ellis in altering evidence that was presented to the Georgia Supreme Court.

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Linda Ellis Copyright - What We Know About The Dash Poet by April Brown Auctioneer

It’s not hard to imagine what it must be like to be Linda Ellis. She’s shared her paranoid fears and grandiose thoughts with us for four years now. We know her poetry and writings are fraught with worries and fears. We know she’s melodramatic. We know she craves attention.

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Caldwell County Schools Copyright Infringement - The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis - Author, Speaker, Poet, Copyright Troll

Caldwell County Schools paid off Linda Ellis after admittedly conducting no investigation whatsoever on The Dash Extortion Scheme. Parents, Teachers and Caldwell County Schools Board members are not happy with Attorney Ed Blair for his failure to defend the Fair Use of The Dash in a lesson plan.

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