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COPYRIGHT TROLL DYING - Author Speaker Poet Linda Ellis Claims SHE is!

Linda Ellis claims she is very ill and she’d like to erase all the content on the internet about her illegal copyright extortion scheme.  She wants to undo the damage to her reputation, which by anyone’s account is self-inflicted. Now that she is dying, she needs to protect her carefully plotted image as inspiring poet and author of the most circulated poems of all time, The Dash Poem.

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Part 3 - Copyright Troll Unveiled in Her Own Words

"The amount of requested licensing you quote in your continuous slander is not the amount copyright infringers and my company eventually amicably agree upon, nor is it the amount requested of all copyright infringers of my intellectual property. Each case is different and the extent of the damage is different as well. Yet, you continue to stretch the truth and perpetuate your slander to fit your obsessive campaign against me, Linda Ellis, author of The Dash." Linda Ellis

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Linda Ellis Copyright - Author, Speaker, Poet Launches Memorial Day Smear Campaign

The carnival's is in town. Linda Ellis crawled out from under the troll bridge to launch her latest Google Adwords campaign. Search April Brown Auctioneer and see for yourself. Click through and read the rehash of the campaign she used to intimidate me to not publish Poetic Justice.

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